I want to knit!

Gah!!! I need to knit! Only a week and 2 days to go before I finish for the year on my course work, but I really need to make something! To calm myself down a bit, here is a list of stuff that I want to finish before I start any other projects. Whether I work that way is another question, but that’s the theory 😀
1) The shrug from scarf style. I’m using Kid Classic, love the way it knits up, but I think I might play with the pattern a little. Having thought about it, I don’t see myself in a shrug with a roll neck at the moment, but I reckon, now that I’ve knit about 12 inches of the first sleeve, I should play with it rather than frog it.
2) Bloom from Rowan 36. I need tank tops. They are good things. Bloom is a good tank top. One side, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is completed, and I’m about to start the second side (well, actually, I have one row done, but that doesn’t count for much really!). I have the mohair for the flower on it too, but I have no idea whether I’ll do the flower very well…
3) Lace cami from Weekend Knitting (by Melanie Falick). Yummy cami, yummy yarn, yummy needles (addi turbos), but mix it all together and you get slippy yarn on slippy needles with a simple lace pattern that hates slippy stuff. It is going slowly. This will take time to finish. A loooong time. 🙁
4) Herringbone Scarf in Colinette Point 5. My ‘I lost a scarf on the train and need a replacement in the yarn I’ve been craving for months and months’ project. The one I pick up when I get bored of the others, because the weather doesn’t demand it to be finished too soon.
5) Lucky lace wrap cardi from Stitch and Bitch Nation. The project I want to finish soon because if I don’t it might go out of fashion. But I don’t have time to work on it, and would rather finish the tank first for the sake of clearing something off my list and giving me more focus.
6) Oddments rug, using a pattern from New Knits by Erika Knight. All you do is knit up a double knit tube in the odd balls you have left over to the size you need. This is my ‘I really have to get rid of some of the crap left over in my stash box before I spend anymore money on stuff which I’ve already screwed up anyway’ project.
From the top of my head, that is all the projects on needles. That doesn’t include the pile of projects I have in mind for yarn I bought. Or the ones that I want to make, but can’t afford the yarn for them yet. Gaahhh!
At least I’ve had a diversion for a little while from work anyway 😉

3 thoughts on “I want to knit!”

  1. Those are some gorgeous projects though! Maybe pick one and work on it alone, then it will be done and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something 🙂
    Bloom is gorgeous, I’d love to make that one. It’s from felted tweed isn’t it? Are you using that yarn or another one?

  2. Thanks Jen 🙂 I’m making Bloom in the felted tweed in a colour called Dragon – a really soft grey green. I didn’t really want to buy 4 balls of kid silk haze to make one little crochet flower on the shoulder, so I was just going to use an odd bit from the lace cami on its own. But that all went to pot when I went shopping to that sale the other weekend and ended up doing whatever I could to empty my purse 😀 I now have 3 balls of kid silk haze (one in a dark olive green, one in a gorgeous chocolate brown and one in a soft light heathery purple), and I’ll probably use one of the Jaeger mohair art balls in the photo with them too.
    I’m a sucker for using the yarn in the pattern… I should dare to change the yarn and save some money some time 🙂

  3. Bryony- your list of projects refects really great taste! I love Bloom & Lucky as well. Your yarn sounds faboo! I can’t wait to see the finished project! It sounds so lovely!!

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