Yay! I did lots of work today, so finally, after much complaining (sorry guys!), I am knitting againg tonight. I would have liked to have something to wear ready for a night out tomorrow, but no such luck (unless I knitted instead of studying all day tomorrow, but I don’t think that would be a good idea…). So I’m now plodding away on the second side of Bloom (thanks Jen :D) with the aim of finishing it in the next couple of weeks – I think that’s a fair spec considering that once I finish my coursework I will once again become a knitting fiend.
I’m still lusting over the leaf lace jumper in Loop-d-Loop, but I told my mum I’d give her some of the Como, so I’ll let her take what she wants. I might drop hints that the yellow-green is mine though, and hope she doesn’t like the colour 😀 If I use that colour, I won’t want the 4 balls of cream anyway, and I think she’d probably like that colour more anyway.
I’ve also started trying to find substitutes for the yarns in the other patterns. The more I look at it, the more the princess seam cardi appeals to me, but for some reason I feel like it is wrong. Maybe it is just the tweed yarn they used for the pattern, or maybe it is the strange styling of the model (although those high heels she is wearing are extremely droolsome), but even though I like the pattern, there is something that repels me from it at the same time… Which puts me off spending money on lots of yarn for it when I feel a bit funny about the pic. Hmmmm. It will take some thought (a good thing considering how much stash I have right now :D).