Yay! I got a message from my secret pal 😀 Very cool poem, so thanks pal 🙂 I’m feeling giddy already! Am also v excited about buying gifts for my pal, and have bought loads already… I love buying pressies for people! It’s a shame I can’t see their face when they open it, but reading about it on the blog will be cool too 🙂
Also, thanks for the comments on Bloom and how to use up that Kid Silk Haze! For Lee’s attention, I made the largest size, but my row gauge was off so it came out wider (which is fine by me ;D). I don’t know if that threw off the shoulders, but I do know that given that it was knit side to side it shouldn’t have really made much difference. It looks fine while you knit it, but you can’t tell till you’ve sewn it up whether they are too big, unless you are much cleverer than me, which wouldn’t be too hard 🙂
I’m still not decided on what to use KSH on, and I still haven’t got an action shot, as the DB is away at a conference. I might wear it to work tomorrow though as the weather is awful at the mo, and I am seriously considering putting the fire on in addition to the radiators… Not good in June… I have to say I do like the idea of some little sleeves but I don’t think I’m clever enough to make something up like that yet. The best I can think of is maybe just casting on to match 3/4 of the arm hole size and decreasing on each edge to make a little cap, but the sleeve is a little bit capped anyway, so I’d have to decrease to follow the line of the sleeve. My brain hurts just thinking about it 🙂
Anyway, I just spent an hour making a list of links for someone at work, and another 15 mins veeerryyyy slooooowly composing this post, so I want to knit some shrug. The back is going quicker than I expected, and considering I haven’t done much on it, I think that’s pretty good. I’d like to get it done asap so that I can use it before it is hot, if that ever happens. Haven’t cast on for the second sock tho. I’m a bad girl 🙁