Another finished object :)

Woohoo! After many, many months, I have finally finished my first pair of socks. The second one is slightly bigger than the other, which is good because it has a better fit (I’m sure I mentioned that the first one I made was a bit baggy). Not massively keen on the pattern tho, as it leaves me with holes where the heel flap joins on to the rest of the sock (the bit when you pick up stitches). I think I’d rather pick up an extra stitch on each side and decrease twice as much on the first full round to shape the foot. Don’t know if it would work though.
I still have 45 ish grams of sock yarn left, so I might try using it on the trainer sock pattern in the new edition of Spun
Next up is an action shot of me in Bloom (and not a very good one at that). I look rough in it – I must be starting to show my age 🙁 Did I say I have one lone grey hair? That isn’t good for 28, although I’ve heard worse. But still!
It is rather comfy, and cosy, so a little too warm for summer, but it will work well on a breezy day. It also seems to sag at the neck a little after wearing it for a while (I’ve worn it a couple of days running, but it doesn’t smell – I promise!). I’m assuming it will go back into shape when I wash it. It better bloody do anyway!
I also have an extension to the stash (oops!). I got a lovely cone of yarn from Sue for a birthday gift. It is an eyelash one, but furry style, and so soft you wouldn’t believe! Most eyelash yarns I’ve seen are quite itchy or a bit funny feeling, but this is different.
The other one is Patons 100% cotton (a mercenised cotton), which I got 5 balls of. It’s to use for a pattern from Knitting magazine to make a t-shirt or a tank with a cowl neck. I haven’t decided which yet, but I discovered that it is supposed to knit to the same tension as the Jaeger I bought at Black Sheep – oops! Which means that I can knit both patterns, but just need to decide which to use first. I’m thinking the t-shirt is more versatile. Either way, I should really finish the shrug first (which is almost half done – yay! Just a few more inches and I’m halfway across the back), but I feel like making something to reflect the weather, and Kid Classic is maybe a bit much for when the sun comes, as it feels quite toasty when I try on the half shrug on one arm… Hmmm, not sure yet.
Anyway, here is a detail of Sue’s stuff that she got me from Uppingham Yarns. Yay!