A change is as good as a rest

Yup, as warned I’ve had a shift from Movable Type to WordPress. This is largely because I wanted to do some stuff to my site and upgrade it to the latest version, only to find that MT have changed the licensing (ugh, I’m sure I’m spelling everything wrong right now!). DB did some hunting and found the lovely WordPress, which after playing around with it for a few weeks, I think it is rather good. No more rebuilding for me 😀 Also, WP make it miles easier to add pages and make pretty things, which will be rather nice when I get round to it.
It does mean that one or two things might have gone walkabout, so I’m really sorry if they have and you are hunting for them! Let me know if there is anything horribly wrong too – the site is designed based on my resolution on the laptop, which might mean that I’ve missed something and it looks evil somewhere else. Also I hope all the comments and stuff are still around :S
Anyway, since I went back to work, I’ve not done much knitwise, apart from start the bolero (oopsy daisy :D). I finished the back last night, and have literally only done the casting on for one of the front pieces. The back looks a bit big at the mo, as everyone has been saying, but I don’t think I’ll be able to tell properly until the front pieces are done as to what kind of fit it is. I won’t be posting pics yet, as the light has been rubbish recently (the weather has been gloomy as anything, but is supposed to be lush tomorrow and over the weekend. Hope so! I’m doing Race for Life on Saturday afternoon!).
Oh, and I got some of my grades back today, and I can now say that I am qualified to diploma level to be a librarian – hoorah! Naturally I can’t really say it till I get my cert and all that, and because I want to upgrade it to MSc next year, I won’t fuss much because the hardest is still to come, but at least I have a good grade for my research proposal in order to do next year’s work on it… Scary stuff…

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