Scrapping and umming and ahhhing

Well, after much umming and ahhhing, I decided to give up for now on Lucky from SNBN. I frogged it a while ago realising that the size I was making would be too big (although the way I feel today, nothing will ever fit me ever ever :D). Apart from the fact that I have tons of things on the needles and should be good and finish them off, I decided to give it up, because I’ve kind of lost motivation for it, and have a lot of other ideas for things to make which would use up stuff I have sitting around with no projects to go with. It’s a shame, but it might help put me on the straight and narrow 🙂
One of the reasons that helped me decide the above was that the Spring Summer edition of Vogue plopped on to my doormat today 😀 For once the sizes seem to be of a size that will fit me (woohoo! A big move from the maximum bust size of 36 to 38 inches, which is still quite common in it, but less than it has been). I quite fancy the lace trim bolero, and I think some of my Jaeger Aqua might work for it (I’m swatching up this afternoon to try it before I get too eager). Thing is, I have no idea whether it would suit me. I think it would look nice with jeans or smart black trousers (i.e. work), with something plain on underneath, but whether it will actually suit my bodyshape is another question… It has most of the right stuff – sleeves long enough to hide the worst of the bingo arms (for you yanks out there, that means the wobble when you wave at the top of your arm – known as bingo arms here because of the distinctive image of ladies playing bingo and waving their bingo card when they win, plus a bit more than you might want to see), the size that will accomodate me happily, and enough length to it to stop it from looking too cropped. But I am short and fat. That bit might not work. Soooo, before I get too eager, you guys have seen some pics of me in stuff, although they aren’t brilliant, so your opinions will help a great deal as to whether it is worth making. Be ruthless if you like 🙂 I can take it! I have plenty of other options for the yarn because it is the kind you can use for loads of stuff at the mo, so it won’t be too great a loss to decide against it, but it just looks so pretty 😀 Even in the reclined position of evil that hides all of the shape and the way it hangs… Come on then, give it to me!

3 thoughts on “Scrapping and umming and ahhhing”

  1. Thanks Vy – I have seen them, which kind of inspired me – there are some lovely ones. I don’t think it would be a problem if it was bigger than expected – I liked the idea of putting a pin on to hold it together, and as I haven’t bought yarn specifically for it, I can cope if it isn’t quite right.
    I may have already cast on for this one 😉 Oops!

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