Got Gauge?

Apparently I haven’t. I was messing around last night, swatching up for a revised version of Simply Marilyn, which still relies on the directions for the garment quite a bit, and simply could not match the gauge. This is fate telling me to just give up on it. Or not 🙂 So now I have three options. The first is to invent my own large collared jumper to match my gauge. The problem with that is that I have no idea how to shape at the top of the garment for this, so I would still need to borrow DB’s guidelines and use some maths (not good). But at least I could make something designed to fit and flatter my shape (I’d put more decreases in at the waist, and keep between half an inch and an inch of ease). The second option is to use good old Ann Budd to make a comfort jumper (that’s both physically and psychologically) – a big sloppy one with a big ribbed turtle neck. The third is to find another DB pattern. A kilo and a half is a bit too much to make a bunch of accessories, and I can’t stand the thought of flogging it. A copy of Noro Knits by Jane Ellinson arrived yesterday, so I’m tempted to have a go at Carraway but making it in all DB instead of DB and Iro (which is far too itchy to wear as a proper garment). The top is fitted, and doesn’t quite go up to my bust size, but when I looked through the pattern, the whole thing is done in really easy and obvious maths (v good for me!), but I could probably just use Ann Budd to make it anyway! Here is a pic – please give me your opinions on this one – would I look awful in it?
Lovely jumper
I value your opinions, so chuck them at me!
Finally, thank you for the lovely comments too 🙂