Well, today I gave my OSW its first outing, and the response overall was quite good. Two things tho. Firstly, I don’t think shrugs are as popular here as in the US. Secondly I don’t think men understand them as much 🙂 When I asked DB whether he thought it looked silly, he did the old ‘do you think it looks silly?’ come back. I was not dettered, but still he avoided answering properly, so that means he does think it looks silly 🙂 But let him. My female friends like it, and one is interested in me making her one.
Also, does anyone reading here run? I’ve been going running with friends I work with once we have finished and then catching the bus home afterwards, as no-one lives down my neck of the woods, and I don’t drive. Normally I get to the stop a bit later and the bus I catch is quite quiet, so I get to sit away from people, and avoid stinking them up (there are no wash facilities at work to clean up, and the buses aren’t timed well, so I have to leave asap once we are done). Today I encountered an almost full bus, and felt terribly smelly. Someone near me sprayed perfume… That confirms I think that I was stinky! Which is natural considering I’d run/walked 2 miles and done a warm up/cool down within 30 mins. Not bad I think 😀 Well on the way to matching my best of 30min 5k pace, and even improving it. When I got home tho, DB didn’t seem to think I stank too much. Should I give a monkey about smelling up the bus? I was still in my running gear, so it was pretty obvious that that was the reason, rather than pretty work clothes on nasty sweaty person with BO…
Also, for some reason, I have this really strong need to design something, but I haven’t a clue what it is that I want to design, or how I do anything to calculate it. Stupid brain. It could be a last minute panic seeing as I got a letter today saying that I can re-enrol for my course from the end of next week. That spells doom for knitting.
Finally, a word of warning. The MP3 player DB bought me for Christmas lost its lock button about a month ago. I emailed Creative Labs, and never received anything but autoresponses :/ When I looked up the number to phone them this weekend, I saw that they are closed at weekends, and only have the phone line open 9.30 till 6 during the week, which would mean using my mobile phone to call them on my lunch hour and sit in a queue to talk to them. DB emailed Amazon on Saturday morning to explain the situation (he bought it from them), and they mailed back within a couple of hours to say they’d posted a new one, and could we return mine within 30 days 😀 Good old Amazon! Poopy Creative Labs, making it as hard as possible to get in contact with them.
Anyway, I have itchy fingers…

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  1. I don’t run, but I used to do martial arts and then use public transport and encountered similar difficulties. tbh, if someone is so hyper sensitive as to spray perfume near you, let them, they’ve probably never encountered good honest sweat 😉 Or if it bothers you, stash a little perfume in your bag and apply liberally after exercise!

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