Yay! I am having a lovely relaxing not being at work time right now. DB and I are on leave this week, the first time in ages that we have had time off together, and it is FAB. Despite coming down with a nasty cold, I’m just enjoying being at home, lazing in bed in the morning, and generally relaxing. I should be studying, but given the cold, I’ve let myself off it. Could be a bad thing, but I don’t think I’d get too far writing a questionaire with a nasty sinus headache. So I’ve knitted 🙂 I have three finished objects, and I’ve only been on leave for 1 and a half days! The first is a scarf made from Sirdar Wow and Foxy, that one I was making for someone at work. The second is a hat made from Colinette Point 5 that my friend bought me as a pressie, using the pattern in the Fall 05 issue of FCEK. And the third? Hmmmmm… 🙂
Weelllllllll. Let me just say that I love it, even though it has caused some controversy amongst knitters due to its poor design… I’ll post pics later when I’ve had a shower and look slightly less red nosed, along with pics of the hat.
I may also post a pic of some purchases. Today a big bundle of yummy yummy Rowan Polar arrived to sub for the yarn in the Lace Leaf Pullover. Leah at Use Your Hands inspired me to purchase it when she got some to make hers, and found it just lush to knit with, and has fantastic stitch definition for the lace pattern. I bought some in Zucchini, a lovely mid-dark green with a light strand running through it. And Leah was right. It is ridiculously soft to the touch, and I can’t wait to knit with it. Gorgeous stuff. On delivery I officially frogged back the Como, with a little difficulty due to the odd mesh that encases the wool fibre – the mesh kept catching and tangling the yarn, but luckily it is still usable, and I managed to claim the full 100g (can’t believe it only took that for the body!) I’d used. Hope fully it will work better as the shrug in Simply Soft, if I dare make any more DB patterns…

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  1. Thanks so much for all your kind words & support lately!! I really appreciate it more than you know!
    I can’t wait to hear how you like the polar. It really is amazing! It has given my sweater a slightly diffent shape than the original pattern as the drape is so different from the Van Dyke. Mine is more form fitting & I like it so much better that way!!
    My pullover is waiting paitently to be grafted together & have the sleeves set in! Knitting is a great way to keep your mind off troubling things but I put the sweater on the back burner for something a little more mindless. Now that I am getting back into the swing of things I shall get right on it!

  2. I love vacations at home. In fact I would love one right now:) The slipper pattern is from Fiber Trends. I picked you up a copy and will be sending it over. I think I have your address from a package. I will email you if I can’t find it.
    I have decided on a great Jo Sharp turtleneck pattern for the yarn you sent. I may not be able to start it for a bit, but I’m wishing I had it to wear right now.

  3. Leah – anytime pet. You’d do the same for anyone of us. I’m hanging on for just a day or two now with the Polar. I’m visiting DB’s parents tomorrow, so I might take it with me for the train to play with 🙂 I too would rather have something a bit more form fitting – any support in that direction helps, because a lot of knitwear helps hide the bad bumps but misses out on the good inny bits…
    Deb – thank you! I have some yarn already with this pattern’s name on it! 😀
    The Jo Sharp pattern sounds fab – I love her stuff 🙂 The yarn will keep if you are a tad busy getting ready right now and can’t knit… Incidentally, if you want anymore of that yarn, or any other UK ones, let me know 😉 I actually got it on a very good deal from a mill shop near here – the same one I bought my Debbie Bliss cashmerino yarns from. If you are ever over this side of the water I’ll take you there, but make sure you bring an empty suitcase. They have limited colours for the big brand names like the Lavold stuff I got you and DB, but what they have is yummy, and very cheap 😀 I had a nosy on the Discount Yarn Sale website, and trust me, you will not beat the prices I can get for you (about 2 cents a gram for most stock), so if you want anything and see I am planning a trip over there, let me know 😀 They do mail order too I think, although they don’t advertise it, so if you want their details give me a shout…

  4. I would be grateful if you could please let me know the cheap yarn web address that you mention in the Uk
    Many thanks

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