I suck!

I’ve just realised how many times I’ve said that I’d post pics of something and haven’t. Smack me one next time I say I’ll post pics and make sure I do…
First of all, here are the new purchases – the polar and the Hipknits pink silk (which is like knitting with butter, if you can imagine that :D).
Stashy goodness
Next up, I had a delivery from Get Knitted for the hand spinning kit. I’ve been lusting for ages over it, and finally succumbed, so here is my first attempt with the spare fibres included in the Fyberspates kit…
My first attempt
I couldn’t wait to knit it up, so once it was dry I did, without taking any pics of the yarn I’m afraid – stupid me. It wasn’t that great an attempt though anyway! But I’m doing better with the coloured fibres in the kit, and plan on getting some more roving to play with today from Texere Mill in Bradford (v cheap, so that is rather good) and perhaps mixing some plys next… But here is what I’ve spun so far – I need to do some more before I make a hank out of it and straighten it out, but I don’t think it is too bad for my first proper try 😀
First proper attempt!
I can see this is going to become addictive…

6 thoughts on “I suck!”

  1. Hi – a quick question. You mentioned in a previous post that you read FCEK. Would you mind telling me where you buy it from? Do you subscribe directly from the USA FCEK web site? I haven’t been able to find a copy; even the local Borders don’t have it. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for letting me know where you got it from. I’ve been able to buy Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting at Borders, but so far I haven’t seen FCEK. Maybe I should have a word with them… 🙂

  3. Well, that would be down to the ace instructions and inspirational colourway included in the kit thanks to you 😀 Anyone else tempted to learn or try out spinning – get the Fyberspates kit! It is fab 🙂

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