Well, I started grafting my lace leaf pullover last night. Didn’t get very far because we went to the pub for tea and I have a pint with my food 🙂 But I did do a little. I can’t tell yet how good it is – I’ve tweaked as best I can for now, and have found that as long as I hold the needles right next to each other it seems to work reasonably well, but it is harder to tweak stitches that way. Anyway, I’m hoping that, depending on my day out with my mum, I might finish it tonight so that I can try it on and see whether there is a line across.
I plan to get some knit related reading today for the plane too. Borders has some US magazines, so with luck they’ll have some nice knitting ones, and a knitting journal might be nice – I really need to work out what stash I have…
Anyway, mum is coming over in less than an hour and I haven’t showered yet. Or written her birthday card. Whoops! Maybe there will be goodies later on. 🙂