Lace leaf

No pics today – sorry! BUT I have done the grafting. The grafting is ok, but some of the stitches stretched as they came off the needles, so I need to do some tweaking of those. Some patches you can’t tell they were stitched together, and then some patches just look really obvious! Hopefully I can fix that, but I have a sneaky feeling that I may end up regrafting 🙁 There is also a dodgy bit where I got to the end and suddenly there is a little funny lumpy bit, but I’ve managed to tidy it up for the most part – it will be under my arm, so won’t be noticable. I’m more concerned about those loose stitches right now… And being ready for Friday. Eek!

2 thoughts on “Lace leaf”

  1. I know your pain over the grafting!! I spent as much time tweaking the tension as I did actually grafting (maybe more). I did rip my first attempt out and I felt much better about my second attempt. Once I figured out the tweaking I think it turned out rather nicely!
    Oh & good luck packing & preparing! I know how crazy that can be!! 🙂

  2. good luck and have a fantastic holiday!!!
    Am really sorry, showing my innocence here, but afraid I don’t know what grafting is 🙁

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