Well, nearing the end of another day today, and I am shattered. I went back to Target to look for some rumoured bargain yarn (25c a ball), but sadly they didn’t have any 🙁 But they did have some Hello Kitty stuff in the dollar section, which more than made up for it! I also found something rather surreal – they have a section in the cosmetics bit called the British Aisle, with nothing but Boots stuff 😀 Lots of Botanics and Number 7 stuff, and at pretty reasonable prices considering 🙂 Still not cheaper than buying in the UK, but they certainly matched most prices, which was impressive. Still a bit surreal to find that in the US tho! Then I went to Borders and had a browse of the lovely knitting books and magazines, and made a couple of purchases (nothing too exciting – a magazine for Sue as a gift, and a book of finishing techniques that I’ve had on loan from Uni for ages because it is sooooo good and is essential, and a calendar that my mum asked me to get because it was cheaper in dollars than pounds. Then I nipped into Gap to see if I could grab a nice pair of jeans, and failed miserably. Apparently in the US they only sell the regular length of larger sizes in store and you have to buy the ankle length online. I tried a few longer leg ones and found some that I liked the fit of on my waist and hips, but I just couldn’t justify buying them when the leg is way too long (and the cut of the leg can’t be shortened i.e. flares/bootcut). Poo. And I could only fit into a larger size than I normally do from Gap, which was doubly poo. Lesson learnt – american jeans are cheaper, but fit differently and are harder to get in the right fit.
You’d think that would have saved me money, but nooooo. I dropped off my purchases at the hotel, and set off to catch the light rail (more like a tram than a train) and got off at Cedar Avenue to look for Depth of Field. Wow. That is how yarn shops should be everywhere. It was beautiful. I spent a little while just browsing the aisles to get an idea of their stock. Then I asked for some assistance with small projects I could work on and bring back in the suitcase, and ended up spending more than I planned (but when does that not happen for me?!) but I bought some stuff I’ve wanted for a while, plus some gorgeous stuff I could never get in the UK. I’ll tell you more another time, but for now I’ll keep it short as we go for dinner soon. After that I got back on the rail and went back to the Mall of America, but I was too tired to shop properly, and the dollar stuff at Target made me more controlled in the Sanrio shop, which was a good thing. I managed to get a gift for my mum (a medium brown bag from Bloomingdales, which was promptly wrapped in a big brown bag :D), and case some DVD prices for Dave (Target is still the most reasonably priced, which is good, as it is close!). Forgot to have lunch in all the fuss, so I’m extra tired now :/ Good job the meal is a buffet tonight!
No squirrels today, but DB has sorted the pics, and will be uploading them soon. Trust me, there are some goodies… 😀

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  1. I can’t wait to see your pictures! It sounds like you are having a great time!! Sorry you didn’t get any of the $.25 yarn. Once the dollar section price gets reduced it ALL disappears!

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