Back to reality

Well, after a grim week of jetlag (no energy, no concept of what day it is nevermind what time, poor sleep), washing, sub zero temperatures, more washing, food shopping in said sub zero temperatures and waiting far more than is necessary for a taxi, even more washing, trying to organise stuff in the house to throw out, give to charity or keep, and then where to store it to save it from the damp that was here when we returned home (DB had set the heating to come on, but no air, and a limited heat time, plus no dehumidifier meant dew on the stone walls when we got the heating back on, and a little mould round the front door where the heat doesn’t reach when it isn’t on long. I’m not complaining – this is normal for an old stone house, particularly built into the hill, but we have to make better plans for this in future), some more washing, and visits from family, we’ve had no time to spare. I need another holiday just to get back into a system. The jetlag has gone, but a dodgy tum arrived this weekend too. For both of us. That’s always lovely 😉 My boss is away in Tenerife (why didn’t CODI pick somewhere warm?!) so I had to get straight back into it. Luckily my colleagues are really understanding, and we work well together, so they were good when I started to look a bit bozzy/run down/confused and bewildered 🙂 Bless them, they put up with a lot last week 😀 We barely knew what day it was – I knew jetlag would be a bit rough, but I never realised I would be so befuddled, or that I’d have such bizarre twists of clarity and perfect awareness to total knackeredness and dizzy stupidity. I managed to do mental arithmatic to a degree I can’t normally manage (which seems to have diminished since then 😀 Surprise surprise!), and then would have problems working out what 70p plus 50p was. The latter is pretty normal 😉 (and I did A-level maths, but I seemed to have the same thing going on while I studied – I was predicted an A and got a D).
But now I’m just about back together again, if I ignore a couple of incidents that I won’t go into here! Next weekend I’m visiting the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate, which will be very cool. I’m going with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in quite a while, so that will make it doubly nice 😀 I shall have to be careful about what I buy though. In the sort out we bought two plastic chests with flip locks on them, and my yarn has filled both of them. But I’ll allow myself something special though, or sewing related 😀
Needless to say that it isn’t just this that makes me look forward to having at least one day with no visitors, no work, and no other major obligations. Woot!

4 thoughts on “Back to reality”

  1. No I’m going to Harrogate on Thursday, going to the Turkish baths, staying in a hotel & then visiting the show on Friday. Oh well another time. Are you going to Skip North?

  2. I read that on your blog – if you haven’t been to the baths before, you’ll love them 😀 I went last summer with a friend, and they were just bliss… Not heard of Skip North tho…

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