Lots of things!

Well, I don’t quite know where to start, but let me warn you, today’s post is very picture heavy…
Here is some stash!
US and Harrogate stash
This is a mix of stuff I purchased in the US and at the Harrogate show. The pink is 100% wool in a chunky weight, which will probably go towards a pair of slippersocks (there will be a theme here. Watch out for it).
Then, we have Artyarns Candy, made infamous to me by Grumperina following her swap. It may be unlucky, but I loved the socks she made with it. And I love the elasticity of it – when I swatched up to play with it in the hotel, I really enjoyed the unique texture and colour adjusting of it. This will hopefully end up in socks too…

Next we have some Diakeito Diamusee. This stuff is like Noro Kureyon, but soooo much softer. The colours are gorgeous too – much more natural transfer than Noro. I have 3 balls of this which has no project in mind, but is enough for some more socks, or a OSW…

I also invested in some Lionbrand Landscapes, and made this 😀 Landscapes is so cosy and warm to wear, so I’m planning to get some more and make a hat to go with the scarf. Shame the Cross Hat-ch pattern isn’t free anymore, otherwise I’d be able to get a full match, but nevermind!

Now, some Harrogate stuff. This is a gorgeous felt needlecase from AK traditions. They were doing some good discounts, and I’ve wanted a needlecase for a while. It was still a bit steep, but I’ve not seen any that I’ve liked as much, and it should last, as it is vvvvv sturdy.

And open, just to give and idea of how roomy it is…

I also got this – a scarf kit from Kaalund Yarns – the colours aren’t as strong as this, but the shades are just about right.

And this – GGH Safari, a linen yarn. I was intrigued by it, so I got one ball to see what I could make with it. Not pictured except in the group pic at the top was some Alpaca Select 4 ply in black to go with the charcoal I bought for the Union Market sweater… Yay!

As well as all the purchasing, I’ve done some finishing… Here is a pic of my completed (with mistakes) Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop-d-loop. This was a fab pattern to follow, and the yarn was just luscious to knit with. I wore it to work on Thursday, and was cosy all day (work can be horrendously chilly sometimes). The only problem I have is that the yarn pilled within an hour of being at work, and is leaving bits of itself all over the place. I won’t be able to wear it at work again because of the pilling, but at least I can wear it in public without feeling like it looks a lot like a hand knit. I haven’t found a button yet for the collar, so it looks a little lopsided. I’d definitely make this again, but perhaps having worn it, I’d choose a different yarn. Rowan have some suggestions for substituting Polar, so I may try one of those another time when I’ve used up some of the stuff I’ve got now!

Thank goodness for finishing stuff! I still have the cable socks to finish from IK as a gift for Christmas for someone (shhh), Clapotis, Blackberry from Knitty, and some hand warmers, but this is one project less 😀
After all that, the laptop is overheating my knees, so I’ll go and pester Craftster with pics later on when I’ve cooled off. Phew!

5 thoughts on “Lots of things!”

  1. I like that pullover. What’s a handwarmer? I need to find some quick easy finishable projects to start putting a dint into my enormous stash, but they’ll have to be crochet patterns. Hm.

  2. Your LL jumper looks great!! I’m with you about the pilling though. It’s a lovely soft yarn & the drape is great but the pilling is the pits!
    The fit looks fab on you too! I haven’t seen many folks who have knit it up in the fit that the pattern implies.
    I loved all your yarn pictures. It looks like you got some great stuff! I expect many more picture heavy posts soon! 😉

  3. Thanks guys 🙂 I was pretty pleased with the fit in comparison to the way some others have complained, and even the weight of the yarn doesn’t seem to do anything nasty (you know what they say about chunky yarns on chunky girls). I suppose the pilling must be the main reason they don’t make it anymore – any ideas for 4 and 3/4 balls of polar? :S
    Jax – armwarmers are a bit like mittens with the tips cut off (kind of fingerless mittens), but the length depends on the design. I’m making a pair from Alterknits that come quite far up the arm, but also cover quite a bit of the fingers and thumb. If you go to http://www.alterknits.net, there are some pics (mine are the lace up ones. The book is gorgeous, and there is a pattern for a felted bag using up all your odd balls 🙂 She’s doing a book about knitting and crocheting with just one skein of wool, so it might be worth hanging on for a bit…

  4. Ooh yes, crocheting things from single skein, then I too can have OSW on my blog! I’d like a close up of the detail of your pullover – looks great, or is there one on the blog somewhere else?

  5. Yeah, looking good !! Your sweater looks real nice, and I’m jealous of all your new yarn.. especially the diakeito which looks really beautiful !

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