My Denise needles are packed away, the stitch markers are stashed, the spare yarn is stored in the box, and my grafting needle is back in the Chibi. Lace Leaf Pullover is finally finished 😀 It has many poorly parts – some oopsies on the grafting of the body are there, but not too obvious, and the neck seems slightly odd, although that could be due to the lack of button. Despite this, I love it. It is warm and cosy and pretty, and the yarn is soft and cushy. Pics later when it is light enough (which would mean next weekend probably)… Sue and Sam were over so it is thanks to Sue that I finished it, and tried some entrelac, and have the initial triangles knitted. Sam sat and ate biccies and watched telly, while we knitted and chatted and watched telly. We were happy 🙂
Also, I’ll post news later this week on the fabulousness that was the Knitting and Stitching show. Needless to say I made purchases, but I was very good, and came back with only one carrier bag, and the already brimming storage boxes are not bursting anymore than they were before the show (even tho yarn was included in the purchasing). It was ace 🙂

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  1. Good on you !!! Both for the sweater (and it’s even better if you really like it !! Now I even more want to see it !!) and for the not buying too much yarn… And having a good time with friends too !!

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