Another finito!

I finished the cable socks 😀 Literally just now 😀 I’m reasonably pleased with them overall, but the pattern… Not so much. I won’t post pics in case my friend takes a sneaky peek, but the way you pick up stitches for the heel and the way you decrease for the toe just aren’t as nice as the first pattern I used… I was knitting to gauge, but the heel flap is 30 rows with the 1st stitch slipped, so you just pick up each one for the gusset. This method seemed to stretch the slipped stitches quite a bit 🙁 I used Grumperina’s method for picking up stitches, so they were pretty tidy – just odd looking 🙁 The toes are just decreased until you have 6 stitches left, which I don’t like as much as grafting them. The decreases were done as purls on knits, so you have this pattern down the toe, which I suppose is supposed to be pretty, but I’m not fond of it. Anyway, know I now the pattern, I might just take the good bits and transpose them to a better toe and heel fit.
Finishing this means I can start Angelica now… Yay!