It is coming up to 8 am. I feel a tad rough. Last night, a few of us went out to celebrate a birthday, which then became two birthdays, and a few more people. Naturally this meant celebrating until the early hours. It is the first time I’ve been out later than midnight in a while, so apparently I do still have a little energy left in me 🙂 But while I coped with the drinks pretty well, this morning I’m a bit headachy. Only a bit though. Still doing well. Just a shame that the alarm set for getting up for work went off as DB forgot to turn it off. And once that happens, I can’t go back to sleep – I managed twenty minutes. Hence the title of today’s post. I’m a little headachy, and a lot tired. And I stink of ciggies from my friends. The last is the worst bit, but I was too tired to shower when I got in.
Anyway, I’m awake, have a glass of water, and a parcel to collect from town. I know exactly what it is. It is in connection with this:

Can’t decide whether to nip into town and collect it or leave it to Monday. I’d like to start winding the hanks into balls at least, but I might end up tempted to start work on it too… But if I do that, the parcel might not be ready, and I might not have time to get the lounge clean and ready for the tree before my brother and mum come over for his birthday (yes – another birthday to celebrate, on top of all the other festivities. My weight loss attempts may well be doomed until next month unless the thai restaurant has something very very low fat in their early bird menu, and the next week has something equally low fat for the next 4 meals I’m supposed to attend…).
Oooo – I’ve also signed up for secret pal 7, which is cool. The matches won’t be mailed until next month, so I have some time to get my money back on track after holiday purchasing (I still have loads of stuff to get for people, but at least the meal is sorted. Ish) and my brain prepared for some lovely gift selecting 🙂
Anyway, I think it is time I put the heating on – my fingers are starting to get cold typing. And I could do with huddling up on the couch till I wake up properly. Sooooo sleeeeeeeepy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.