Purposeful Procrastination

Happy new year y’all.
This week has been funny, but nice too. I took many, many pics of yarn, but I’ve been too interested in fixing my problems with Angelica and blowing my nose to do anything beyond that yet.
Angelica was going so well. Then I realised that I may run out of yarn, so I tried the thing on, and found that she was a tad too big. About 6 inches at least too big. So I ripped back, and have been reknitting it, and will hopefully have the body finished by the end of tomorrow. I tried her on again last night just after joining the front, and found she fit much better. Couldn’t take pics thanks to it being dark (as usual) and also that I had consumed a small amount of alcohol, it being new year’s eve etc. I’m very excited about it now 😀
Unfortunately other event conspire to keep Angelica from leaving the needles. I have to do some work for my research – literature searching, ordering reports and all that stuff, nevermind actually reading them. I also need to find someone trustworthy to test my online questionnaire and see if it needs some revision. Bummer eh? All these things that keep setting out to stop me from enjoying myself 😉 Getting rid of the cold though means that these things have to be done. Hence I’m blogging…
Also, the yarn diet is out of the window temporarily. Something arrived yesterday while I was out shopping in Manchester. I’ll post pics tomorrow of the wooly goodness, but needless to say I’ve been a little naughty, but only a little… But it has come from Xmas money, so that’s ok 😉 Also a lovely Amazon parcel arrived the other day (partly the inspiration for the yarn parcel). The shopping yesterday involved no yarn or yarn related purchases at all, unless you count the Primark black v-neck jumper I bought for a fiver. Primark is my saviour. It means I can buy clothes and yarn at the same time without running out of cash. For those of you in the US, Primark is a little like Target but without the food and electronics stuff. They do good solid cheap clothes that are still fashionable, plus some lovely lovely homewares like towels and bedding and stuff. And they last much longer than more expensive places too. The best cords I bought were from there, and they lasted ages longer than stupid old Levi ones I bought. We also visited the fabulous Lush shop. I heart Lush. They had a sale on, so I bought some Honey soap, some Fig and Leaves soap, and some Almond butter cream. I also got the world’s best lip balm – Whipstick. If you haven’t tried this and you live near a Lush store, go and have a look – it is choccy orange lip balm, and it smells and tasted divine, as well as doing the job well. And it is veggie and free of animal testing. Yummmmmmmmm.
Anyway, I have a looooong list of relevant articles to go through now, plus the last little bit of Gone with the Wind to watch while I do so. Cross your fingers that the next time I post will be with a lovely almost complete Angelica that fits and will continue to fit regardless of stretching etc…

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  1. Primark also, oddly, have one of the best ethical records on the high street. It’s one of the very few things I miss about working in the centre of Sheffield, used to pick up great stuff for all of us there 🙂
    Happy new year.

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