I am the yarn queen

Bow down to my great purchasing powers.
Here we have the xmas pressie which I naturally didn’t know existed (despite ordering it and signing for the parcel 😉 )

5 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed, awaiting their lover, Kid Silk Haze, before they can be knitted up into scarfy goodness together. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Next up we have some other yummy goodness…

Lorna’s Laces in Desert Flower (destined for Jaywalkers I think) – I just love the colours and the way they go together so well yet create contrasts. Get Knitted had a pic of the yarn knitted up that just defied their camera and looked quite beautifully strobey because of the bright blue in the yarn. I can’t wait. But first, the lovely Noro will be knitted – Silk Garden in two different colour ways, because 1) I really wanted to try it, and I love that purple colourway and 2) I really want to make a version of the very cool Mistake Rib scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Noro may be poorly spun sometimes, but the colours? Woof.
Which brings me on to something else – I got Last Minute Knitted Gifts at last 😀 plus Debbie Bliss Home. I want to make sooo many things out of these books, and hopefully they will encourage stash busting. But clearly not so far given the small Noro purchase. I’m still deciding whether to take the Noro project with me for the train tomorrow when I visit my mum, or the project below…
Which brings me smoothly to this.
Angelica v2.1
Here is Angelica v2.1. Some of you are already aware that I had to frog the first one because it was quite simply enormous. This version is knitted in a size smaller, AND using the suggested needle size. This pic flatters the fit quite a bit I think – it is a little too tight for my liking showing the wrong lumps off at the back, even if it does make good use of the boobular area at the front. Blocking should make it the perfect fit. I love this pattern, mistakes and all in it (there are a couple, but these have been resolved pretty quickly on the KAL and personally thanks to Stef and her tech ed). The .1 in the version comes from me playing a little with the increases at the bottom of it. There is a mistake in the pattern for them, but rather than be sensible and wait for corrections to be released, or even work it out myself, I used a completely different version from another pattern, and it has worked quite well as far as I am concerned 🙂 I just have the sleeves and neck to do, with some weaving in, and the scary blocking (if I dare – no idea where I will put it to block as we have no flat surfaces that would look after it except the floor near the radiator…). I am so going to make this again in a different yarn (maybe some cotton?). Mmmmmm.
Anyway, lunch calls me (or at least some of the uncooked parsnips and roast pots need turning!). Hopefully the next time I post will be either with a finished object or some Noro/socky aceness.

3 thoughts on “I am the yarn queen”

  1. What pretty yarn! I think the lorna’s laces will make great jaywalkers! It’s a really fun pattern!
    I haven’t tried silk garden either. You will have to let me know how you like it.
    I already commented on the KAL but it never hurts to say it again, your angelica is lovely! The color is so great & I can’t wait to see it finished!!

  2. Those are all yarns that Ive never tried (except for ksh), they all look yummy.
    Angelica is looking great, but remember silk grows. So even though it may be a little tight now its going to loosen up later.
    oh can you email me the pattern corrections, I would love to post them on the kal (and would just like them for myself as well)

  3. the lorna’s lace actually looks good enough to eat. yeah, i’m a little nuts. i feel like i’m the last woman on earth to get “last minute.” can’t wait to see your stashbusting.

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