A little whimsey

Just a quick post today. The sock is coming along slowly now, but only because I’ve been doing other things, like going to work, being sleepy, and a little studying. I am still in love with it though. And I’m feeling all giddy because I got details of the person I’m spoiling for SP7. Yay! I’m sooo looking forward to treating them. And I plan to make some things for them too, which gives me an excuse to craft. I’m not quite ready to post my answers to the questionnaire yet tho. I had to work an evening yesterday, so chose to sleep in a little rather than do anything with my time (I still haven’t got the hang of working again yet), so I figure I’ll have it ready by the end of the week.
In other news, I accidentally got more yarn today, but it was stuff I’d forgotten about. Goodies from the states, from my work colleague’s sister 😀 Hoorah! 10 hanks of KnitPicks Sierra in Leaf to make a new, hopefully fully functional version of Lace Leaf. It isn’t as soft as I expected, but it certainly isn’t nasty, and should soften with knitting and washing to a lovely state. It is kind of a muted jade green, with a little jade taken out of it, if that makes sense. Naturally, I can’t have this sitting around for too long cluttering the house, and I want the sweater to where while it is still cold as this yarn seems to be more wintery, so I better start knitting it up… 😉