Mmmmmmmm, socks.

Here, as promised is a progress shot of something I was knitting while I visited my mum. I decided not to knit anymore on Angelica until Kerrie had sent me some more of the silk (we aren’t quite sure yet whether it is the right kind she’s found, so it might be best to wait to check before I knit the last of the yarn up), so I started some Jaywalkers on the train. And I didn’t use the lovely new Lorna’s Laces yarn, although I did wind one of the hanks and take it with me. I used that luscious foxglove colourway in the Fyberspates sock yarn I bought far too long ago. This yarn is just lovely to work with. If you can get hold of Fyberspates stuff, then do. I know I haven’t finished knitting this, and I currently have no idea what kind of wear I’ll get out of it, but the colourways are beautiful, varying from really vivid and bright to soft subtle variations. There are a few different colourways I’d love to buy from Get Knitted but I have to restrain myself for the sake of my pocket and my stash (if it was just the stash, I might have been a bit naughty, but post christmas funds are always rubbish).
Anyway, here is the current progress of the Foxglove Jaywalker in all it’s socky fabulousness.

I am so loving this pattern so far. I know most people on the web already have experienced the joy of the Jaywalker, but I don’t think it does any harm to add to the news. It is a fab pattern – one of those that keep you interested enough to keep going, but doesn’t give you so much to do that you give up in frustration or just get fed up of having to check the instructions. Of my limited sock knitting experience, I’ve found that I get a little bored of the pattern on the leg of the sock, before I’ve even really got going properly, but this is the first pattern that has kept me going. Or maybe it was the yarn. Or both together. Anyway, I’m very happy with this, it fits so far, and so I’m looking forward to finishing and even starting the next sock. A good thing as I have piles of sock yarn to use. Remember the Coldspring purchase of 400g of sock yarn in dark colours, with just splashes of bright bits? It was dirt cheap, but will make surplus of 6 pairs of socks I think… Much of it will have to be Jaywalkers, with a few other simple patterns thrown in I think. But Jays seem to be the quickest for me too. And the easiest to pick up for a few rows and put down again (pretty important given what I should be doing instead of knitting and typing up stuff on my blog. I promise I won’t mention that again for at least, ooooooh, one post…)
Mmmmm, socks…

3 thoughts on “Mmmmmmmm, socks.”

  1. Ohhhh, pretty pretty!! That colorway is fab! Isn’t Jaywalker really the best pattern. I love that it is so easy to memorize so you don’t really NEED to carry the pattern with you.
    I can’t wait to be finished with Isaac’s birthday scarf so I can get back to knitting my jaywalkers and angelica.
    I do hope that Kerrie has the right color for you! *Fingers crossed*

  2. oh my, that’s gorgeous! Im drooling over that yarn, can’t wait to see the finished pair.
    I hope Kerrie finds the right yarn for you, or dyes some more up for you

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