Lovely new things

Thanks again for the comments and support – you really are very nice people. After a rough day or two, I find myself uplifted, thanks to my wonderful friends, and one or two goodies that have come my way.
The most appropriate for here is this.

This is the beautiful yarn Kerrie at Hipknits dyed for me. I’m hoping the pic will go some way to showing how deep the colour is – a gorgeous berry violet and blue, with very subtle colour changes. I love this yarn. Kerrie is so cool.
Also, this weekend will see an Angelica photo from the blue version. I took it to work today, and worked the sleeves to match – short with one row of purl after two decrease rows from the pattern. I have to sew up, weave in and embellish the neckline. And maybe do some blocking, but I don’t know yet. Anyway, it will be done and soon.
But first I have to do some other things. Lots of photos pending this weekend!

3 thoughts on “Lovely new things”

  1. Nah, no knitting olympics for me at the mo. For one thing, I have no idea what I’d make – to finish the stuff I’ve got on the needles at the moment would be enough of a challenge! For another thing, I have too many other things to do and I’m not sure if I’ll be focussed enough to do something for it. I’ll always have time for knitting, but sadly, not for this KO. Maybe next time – I’d love to learn fair isle and intarsia still, so with luck the KO will be more frequent than every 4 years ;). Have you entered, or planning to enter?

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