There and back again

Ugh. Got back from the trip to my mum’s today. The day itself went better than expected, largely due to the presence of lots of people where we wanted to leave flowers. Coming back here has been horrendous. I’ve been trying to be strong for mum. Now I feel tired, and awful – worse than I did when I found out what happened. The taps are running, and won’t stop.
So to try and curb it for now, I have to talk about other things. I am skint at the mo – too many things to pay for and I am going to be good and commit to paying as much as I can off so that I can carry on as normal. Anyway, the point of that is that we went wandering around various places while I was visiting, one of them being Beverly. We went to Tesco of all places, and I bought a pair of Cherokee lineny trousers for £4.00 and a Florence + Fred skirt for £3.00 in the sale. We went to Debenhams in Scarborough, and I bought an Antoni and alison t-shirt for a fiver in the sale. They have the cutest t-shirts at the mo, but full price, so I’ll have to keep an eye open for them next time they do a sale (and a lovely skirt in the sale, but I can’t afford it this month and it is only 8 quid off, so maybe it will be cheaper then)… Then today, before I caught the train back, we were browsing in Primark, and I found a green handbag (one of those wide thin ones with big buckled pockets on the outside) stuffed behind a pillar against a wall with no price. After waiting at the tills for a bit, the assistant came back and charged me £3.00. I spent fifteen quid, and essentially have enough clothes for two days. Hoorah for the dregs of the sales.
I took some knitting with me, but didn’t get much done thanks to the cat, but I’ve got most of the leg of Jaywalker sock 2 done, and took my spare Polar with me to see if I could make the reversable capelet from Craftster. I’ve almost done with the increases, and it is rather sweet, but I don’t know how it will look – I’ll probably do long sleeves, but I don’t know what kind of body to do yet. I have a cropped wrap cardi that I bought for the trip to the US, that seems to suit me, so I could increase to make a wrap, which would be easy enough, and pin it together. Or I could knit it to make a normal length cardi, but just have a button at the top. Or I could just leave it as the design was intended. I dunno.
Anyway, Who Do You Think You Are is on in a mo, with Stephen Fry, who is one of the loveliest men on earth, so I need to pick clothes out for work and settle with wine to watch it.
Au revoir for now.

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  1. i just now saw your previous post and just want to say that my heart really goes out to you and your mother. there’s no doubt that you are a good and caring daughter, and i’m sure she feels lucky to have you.

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