Ok, you are going to get angry at me now…

I have more things for the list :/ I want to knit Analise from Rowan 38. Looks horrid in the photo, because of that stupid eco warrior thing going on, but when you look at the shape of the sweater, it is actually rather lovely. Simply shaped and simple knitting. And I have 10 balls of coffee/choccy brown wool cotton that I got from Coldspring for a tenner.
And I have 10 balls of Jaeger Mohair Art in an oaty creamy colour that would work for the mohair wrap in FCEK from fall last year (I think).
Ermmmm. Also I have fallen in love with a sweater. Hanne Falkanberg’s Diva pattern. You buy it as a kit, but right now I luckily have no cash to buy it, and the wrong body shape for it (big boobs with a big folded over collar over them? Nooooooo, not right now ta). But I love her, and all her Diva-ishness.
Ok, now I have to go knit a sock. Just the foot to go on the 2nd Jaywalker. Which means only about 3 inches till I do the toe decreases.