Bad post title number 308

Today there is a little anthology of things. Hopefully interesting. 🙂 And there are pics.
Firstly, my mate Sue declared that I should make the hourglass sweater, if only because so many people love it. That makes 2 votes to one for hourglass, which is cool by me! BUT, my interest has been scuppered by the next item.
I was browsing through a magazine the other day, when I saw this, quite a tasty looking cardi. Very cute I think, but also remarkably easy… It is just reverse garter stitch with stripes using a change of stitch. Warehouse think they can charge 39 quid, but I reckon some of that Jaeger Mohair Art and a bit of fiddling around with a standard cardi pattern, and I could knock that up fairly easily. I don’t think I’d make it curvy around the edges because that might be hard. Or maybe I will, but frogging MA might be a bit nasty, so we will see.
Next up, a finished object. The Jaywalkers are done!

Spot which sock had the colour pooling… And that is using 2 rows of each yarn as well! I have a little yarn left over, so I think I might use it to make mini sweaters or something like that, for the sake of stash busting. Any sock yarn stash busting suggestions are very welcome though! I love the Fyberspates yarn, and I suspect the colour pooling problem might have occured before – I bought two 50g hanks for the socks, but they now make 100g hanks of their sock yarn and seem to have scrapped the 50g. The hanks I had had two different numbers on them, so I’m also not sure if I ended up with different dyelots. Anyway, I still love them – they are supercosy, and kept me toasty last night in bed. It is freezing here – if I go in the bathroom I can see my breath 🙁 Poop. Next socks planned? Ones using up the blue Lorna’s Laces on my first 2 circ socks…
What else? Ermm, ooo yeah! The secret pal thing is going well – the person I’m spoiling just got her first parcel, and seems to like it, which is rather nice. I also got an email from my pal this morning saying that she has sent my first parcel out too! I’m very excited to find out what it is – she’s been rather subtle and has given no hints, although she has asked some interesting questions 😀 Hoorah!
Am loving the new Magknits edition – naturally Grumperina’s hat rocks big time, but the socks are cool, and Ziggy is lovely, so I might use that Kaalund set I got to knit Ziggy. You see – time finds a purpose for all yarns, so purchases are ALWAYS useful. ALWAYS 😀 Even spontaneous unplanned ones. And no, I haven’t purchased anything else, but it feels good to justify all the other purchases!
I got my new Rowan magazine on Monday too, and I love quite a few things in it, which makes it even harder to commit to hourglass. There is another Kid Acne design (remember the foggy panda?) of a seahorse on a vest top, a short sleeved cardi called Rambling Rose which is tempting me to use the 4ply cotton on it instead of on Martha, but perhaps with less rosyness. Seems silly to make it without them and the cables, but at the same time I can’t decide whether I’d prefer it plain or fancy. What else? Most of the Provence collection is very cute, but also would make me feel like I’m dressing too old for my age. Us Yorkshire lasses can’t really carry off the south of France look… The Aqua Marine collection is largely a bit blah, with one or two patterns that leap out at me. Finally, I really hope they give up the Tribal thing soon – the styling overwhelms the designs and patterns so much that you can’t see how they would apply in the real world. Again there are a couple in this section that I like – Jinny is quite pretty and wearable and the bag is something I could see myself knitting once I know how to do fair isle.
And finally, something silly. MVC are closing down in town, and everything is on sale, so I went and got an Eye Toy for my PS2, with the Kinetic ‘game’. It does a 12 week exercise plan for you, and I’ve heard good things about it, plus it is considerably cheaper than a gym membership, especially half price. Anything that stops me from going out in this horrible cold is good by me!

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  1. Wow! Your jaywalkers look amazing! I like the mismatched look of them! The colors are so cool that way!
    That cardi is too cute! I’m sure it would be easy to come up with a pattern for it! I will also throw in a vote for the hourglass though. It’s such a classic look. I plan on making one in the fall (after I stashbust for a few months). 😛

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