I made something! Pic heavy (hoorah!)


This is the first skirt I’ve made in a long time, and none of the other ones I’ve made have ever fit – too short, too small, too big, too frumpy. This skirt just about scrapes past the others into the world of the wearable. But it isn’t brilliant for both reasons of pattern and my own skills. The pattern is simple and easy to understand, so I can’t fault it for the instructions. I think the whole of the problems in this pattern stem from the elasticated waist. If I wear it with a baggy top, it looks fine. It isn’t meant to be worn with a baggy top tho. The first problem is down to me – I’ve not used elastic before, and it was difficult to work out where to pin it to get the right sizing. I had to find the right point where I didn’t have it so tight as to show a big belly bump or to be really bunched up at the back, but not so loose as to have it falling down and generally looking unsightly. The line was too fine for me to reach it I think. However, I think the way the sizing works makes it hard, certainly for my body shape, to get to that point – I have a comparatively slim waist to my belly and hips, so if I wanted to make the waist fit well, I had no chance of making the line on the belly flat and smooth. The shape of the lower half of the skirt looks fine though, which is definitely something! Any opinions from experienced sewers on what I’ve said above would be handy, because I may have another go at this pattern in the future. Also, I will try not to finish the skirt when I’ve had a dodgy tum and bloating… That might help too 😉

Here is a side view so you can see how loose the elastic is. And below is a pic of the saggy rear end (not my rear end, but the skirt’s. My rear end isn’t too bad thank you very much).

Finally, a view of it laid flat, so you get an idea of the cutting shape – 3 panels at the front, 5 at the back to allow for elastic at the back only.

Also, the yarn from Coldspring arrived today, 24 hours after I had paid for it 😀 Mind you, it is only 45 mins by car there… Two cones of what can only be said is DB astrakhan but isn’t labelled as such.

The colour isn’t really that accurate here – there isn’t as much yellow in it. This is slightly more accurate, even with the glare of light from the window in the door behind it!

So now I have to decide what to make with it. It is between the pattern in Fall 05 Vogue Knitting, and one in Simply Soft (the shawl collared cardi) at the moment. Not sure which to use, but if I use the Vogue one I don’t think I’ll use another yarn for the cuffs and collar. I’d miss the collar out if I could, and just leave the ribbing of the cuff out and knit the length up (perhaps with a looser fit, missing out the increases).
Phew! Lots on here today! Should be more tomorrow too if I fix Angelica like I plan. I’ll have to buy a cheap t-shirt from Sainsburys to wear under it (slashneck, long sleeves, black for a fiver) on Monday. And I need a button, but I might just get this to be wearable soon! About bloody time though… Oh, and I’ll be doing some studying too this weekend. Just your average lazy weekend for me. 😉

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  1. When I bopped over to your blog, I had to do a blinky blinky. I thought my computer was hiccuping and had just reloaded my page, lololololololol. Good taste indeed, my friend. So, you’re a sewing knitter huh? Sweet! I admire sewers, as I can’t sew to save my life. It’s so sad! Anyway the skirt looks good, and the yarn looks even better. No pics of Angelica yet?
    Can I link ya to my bloggy?

  2. Yay! Hi Necia 😀 We are blog twins are we not (apart from Zoidberg and Audrey, bless ’em both)!
    Angelica v1 is hiding upstairs at the mo – I need to take the sleeves back and as I hate undoing things, it takes backburner to all things new and exciting. But please note that I have silk for Angelica v2 as well…
    Feel free to do linky things, but only if the offer can be reversed 😀 Actually I’m crap at updating links and stuff, and all the other things that matter.
    Am off to do Clapotis related things now… Yay!

  3. What you want to do with that skirt is turn it inside out and press the seams open. I resisted doing that for years and only pressed items when they were finished, but I finally gave in and started to do it as I went along – now I put up the ironing board at the same time as I get out the sewing machine – and it just makes all the difference. Things that look like rags suddenly look as they’re intended. It seems like extra work, just like blocking your knitting does, but it actually makes things go faster and look a million times better. Honest.
    Thanks v. much for the info about coldspring, too fab.

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