Ermmm, oopsy…

Stuff happened over the past couple of days. Yesterday I came home to the elusive KSH I ordered before Christmas, so I accidentally started knitting it up with the Felted Tweed I’ve had in my stash box for ages. This will be a very very luscious knit 🙂 mmmmmm soft.
Also a parcel was almost dropped off, but I have to go collect it tomorrow from the postie. I know for a fact that it will be The New Crewel – a book full of the US embroidery designs I lusted after at Crafty Planet but cannot buy in the UK. Hoorah! There is another factor to this. I have progressed in the sewalong 😀 I now have two halves of a skirt. All that is left to do is sew down the waistbands, thread the elastic, sew the halves together and check the fit, and then do the bottom hem. Which actually sounds like a lot. But it might be wearable by next week. Unless I decide to do a little embellishing. In which case it will definitely be longer! And naturally this will be reliant on the skirt actually being good.
Finally, I had an email from Coldspring today with a loooong list of new designer yarns on cones. They really take care of their customers 🙂 I have asked for a particularly good bargain (and it is because I’ve wanted it for ages, and have patterns) to be set aside, and if I get time tomorrow lunch time I’ll be phoning them to pay up for it… Shall I give you a hint? It has curly bits.
No pics I’m afraid tho. I’ve been too busy thinking of studying to do much of anything crafty (apart from the bit of skirt and the emergency knitting of new things – thank goodness for late nights and lunch breaks).
Three months to the end of the course and counting. Then lots of knitting. And other crafts. And reading.
Ooo, that reminds me. I finished Everything is Illuminated. So moving, and yet so full of humour. A must read for everyone ever. And Safran Foer is a complete babe. Last night in bed I made a start on the Frank O’Connor book my secret pal got me, and read the first story. This guy is so cool 😀 He manages to write with nostalgia without being cloying or overly sentimental. And he paints such a vivid image of childhood. I could visualise everything he wrote about, but he doesn’t seem to spoonfeed you images. My fave bit so far is his description of how babies are made, but I won’t spoil it for you – you need the story for the full context to do it justice 😀 Thanks SP!

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  1. Hi just went to my first Stitch n’ Bitch knitting group last night, and they told me all about knit bloggers, something I knew nothing about. I am doing felting these days and a huge reader, something in common with you. I also liked Everything is illuminated. have you read Shadow of the wind? one of my favorites, also liked the Red Tent, my list is rediculously long. off to look at your knitted projects, nice site. will save it and check back to see in future. i am a better reader and Sudoko person than knitter these days, needs work I guess.

  2. Jax – I got on Adam’s list (yes, we are on first name terms now :D) because I had expressed interest in future sale of designer yarns, and had not spent a grand in one go on them 🙂 Being restrained (relatively) apparently gets you more! He’s being careful who he tells about new cones now, and gives the people he knows aren’t flogging his stuff on Ebay first dibs. Apparently he’s had problems with people buying lots of things and flogging them as certain designer brand yarns, which rather irritated the designer in question. Hence he is restricting his sales to people he knows don’t spend a fortune to sell them on. So watch out Jax 😉
    Melodie – nice to meet you 😀 Nice to meet with a fellow reader and crafty person! Illuminated is the first Safran Foer book I’ve read, but I’ll definitely be reading more of his stuff. How come he is so young, and clever and talented, and attractive, and in America many miles from me (who is very similar to him, but just not famous ;D)? And married? Bugger. Yes, the blogging world is fab – you can learn so much from other people and their knitting/reading choices. How did you end up finding me? Although I do tend to throw around my link on other people’s sites… 😀 Thank you for being nice about my little home. Anyway, Sudoku can only be a tool of someone evil, it is that addictive. DB keeps doing Kakkuro and I’d love to learn how to do it, but I normally only get a few lines into it before I screw it up.
    Anyway, I’m behind enough as it is on knitting without talking about it 😀 Time to do a little before I have to start cleaning/studying etc. Bummer.

  3. Yo! So glad you’re liking the book. I think there are two more stories with the same odd little boy. Many of the other stories are such accurate depictions of how rural life is in Ireland. In a way it can be quite sad. Anyway, happy reading ! 🙂

  4. Thanks SP 🙂 I read the second story the other night (from the collection title), about his dad coming back from the war. So sweet, and so full of humour! But as you say, a little sad that he doesn’t recognise his dad or appreciate his return all that much. The ending was lovely where his dad gets into bed with him to escape the baby crying, and Larry pets him. Just wonderful.

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