Well, I was hoping to post a new finished object this weekend, but no such luck (yet). I started a pair of socks on two circs to get a hang of the method, using some leftover sock yarn, and realised about 4 inches from the toe that I wouldn’t have enough. There is enough to make some trainer socks for a small foot like mine (UK size 4), but I don’t like wearing them.
Sooooo, I’ve decided that I might have to put this yarn on the market. I have approximately 42g of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Cool colourway – enough to make socks for a child (perhaps with a short leg), or for trainer socks for a ladies’ size I think. If anyone fancies dibs on this, post a comment – I’m asking £2.00 plus postage for it, and I’ll throw in roughly 20g of Fyberspates Foxglove sock yarn in for a freebie if you want it – it isn’t enough for anything other than tiny booties I think, but it might look nice as a contrast colour for heels and toes if you have something to match. I’m also willing to swap these yarns, but I don’t know what would be worth swapping for it!
If you want to see the colours here is a link for the LL, and here is one for the Foxglove but it’s the one I used for my Jaywalkers.
Anyway, I have actually finished something, kind of. I finally got round to buying some ribbon for my lace up armwarmers made from DB Alpaca Silk, using the Alterknits pattern. This yarn is just stunning, and I wore them the other day, only to be soaked in snow and sleet on the way to work. BUT, my fingers were still warm and cosy thanks to the alpaca. The colour of the ribbon is a perfect match, and I’m really pleased I found that because otherwise I may have had to buy black ribbon and go all goth with them, and that would get a few raised eyebrows at work (the length of them does that anyway, but they are warm and lovely so I don’t care). I’ll post pics of that and the Silk Garden scarf tomorrow.
To cheer myself up I’m going to make the chunky socks from Knit Scene – they should be a good quick and dirty project, and I’ll make them on circs now I know what to do with them. I’ll be knitting them in the Lopi pink wool I got from Minneapolis – mmmm tasty 😀 And just what my feet need too, as they are currently cold in the recent real wintery weather we’ve had (thank goodness for February in the north of England), despite having my thickest cosiest slipper socks on WITH slippers over them. Brrrrrrr.
Lastly, thank you for insisting on keeping the girl in Library 🙂 I should be better at responding to the comments people leave here, but I’m crap and you all well know it. BUT, I want to see what Another Library Girl picks to use as a pattern for her Astrakhan, and I want to thank Helen for the advice on sewing (I’ve also been told that it might help to sew the hem at the bottom by hand). I’m also glad that people like the Clap, but please note that it is much greener than in the photo in real life. Blimey that sounds quite disgusting if you read it the wrong way…
Finally, kudos to P for guessing who created the Ponderers, but I want to know what series it was from too 😉 And I want you to cite at least one thing that they pondered over if you can remember! Then I might drop a few hints to you about some things, and offer you something. Might. Ha!

4 thoughts on “Bummer.”

  1. Tragically, I don’t think I have a prize-winning memory. It was while they were still on channel 4 I think – ‘Big Night’ or something similar was the name of the series?
    As to what they pondered, no recal whatsoever… In my defence, I was at the time living in a house in Toxteth with 7 other people (and various partners) and I was far too busy ‘working’ on my Mphil and impressing my new boyfriend (the ‘impressing’ included getting a speeding ticket and leaving a club early because I imbibed something I shouldn’t have – amazingly enough, he’s now my DH) to really concentrate on what was on the telly…

  2. Y’know, I really should have tried google BEFORE I answered that question…
    For any non-UK commenters on this blog, you can going to find this MIGHTY confusing:
    Vic Reeves Big Night Out, Series Two
    Do they or do they not guillotine a Garfield?
    Do they or do they not allow a slice of cake to listen to a gramophone?
    Do they or do they not nail one of their chins to an anvil?
    Do they or do they not spread margarine onto their chins?
    Do they or do they not inject ink into a battenburg cake?
    Do they or do they not place a plastic frog into a bowl of acid?
    You have Charlie out there on the internet to thank for that…

  3. Woohoo! 😀 That’ll do I think! Although strictly speaking the slice of cake thing is wrong (I better inform him of that). The cake was actually a Viennetta icecream cake, and the gramaphone was playing the music from the advert for it. They ended up deciding that Viennetta was definitely not worth it 😀 Ahhh, remember when Viennetta was a special dessert? We only had it when we went round to other people’s houses… Ah how things change!

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