No pics for ages, then three come along at once.

Well actually, a bit more than three, but for purposes of objects, the number will suffice.
After feeling so bummed yesterday because of the sock yarn running out, I started making the chunky socks from Knit Scene, and had a whale of a time 😀 I made one sock in slightly less than two hours in total – some late night knitting last night, followed by ‘it is early in the morning and therefore too early to do any work’ knitting this morning. And here is the result.

It took up about half a ball of the pink Lopi stuff (I forget what brand it is for now), so after the second one, I’ll have about 2 balls left of it 😀 I am very pleased with myself too, as I managed to convert the (albeit simple) pattern to two circs as well. Yay me!
Then I felt guilty about not posting any pics of the yarn I want to flog, so here it is, all 2 quids worth 😉 The blue is the LL and it does have some shades of greeny blue and greyish blue in there too. The pink and green is the Fyberspates stuff.

Very cute when they are in those little wound up balls 🙂
Ok, next up, something I just craved doing – the Silk Garden scarf from LMKG. I love the colour changes and the feel of the silk on my neck, but I hated knitting the twistiness of Noro in two different balls at the same time. And I feel a bit silly now having a different scarf, hat and gloves instead of matching ones, but nevermind 🙂

Finally, I have a pic of the armwarmers I made from Alterknits. They are made from about two balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk that I got as a joining gift for her club. The yarn is just beautiful to work with, and produces a gorgeous soft and warm fabric, with just a little hint of luxury because of the silk. It seems relatively non fluffy or pilly too – it did very well to cope with a soaking from the sleet and snow, so I’m suitably impressed with it.

Why is it so hard to take a pic of your own arm? Stupid body. I did try, but my attempts were a bit too pitiful to make it worth posting… Anyway, I would also like to point out in the pic that the ribbon, while looking darker than the yarn in the picture, is probably just reflecting the light differently and is actually a touch lighter than the yarn. Still, I think it is a good colour match – as well as the potential goth element, I also had the option to pick something that really contrasted with the red, like a navy blue or green, but luckily this red is close enough to make it elegent but vampy 🙂 But I think the silk in the yarn helps it feel vampy (you know – the old velvet glove thing). And the pattern rocks.
Finally, I frogged Blackberry realising that it just wouldn’t suit me. The pattern is lovely, but it isn’t for me, after some soul searching. So I’m trying to decide how to use the yarn again. Then I had a slight brainwave. I have lots of pink Lopi yarn left, some green DB cash superchunky, and both are roughly the same gauge as the black mystery chunky yarn… Couple that with the thought that I’d like to try fair isle and intarsia on a pattern this year, and the parts added up to something in SNBN. The Fairly Easy Fair Isle cardigan. Again it is probably something that won’t suit me very much, but it would be a good practice for the method, a good way to see how I like the yarn in a simpler garment, a quick knit, and something that will help keep me warm at work when we get sat in a cold spot (of which there are many). Is this another project destined for frogging? I dunno, and I won’t be starting it for a while, but still, it means I can account for what the yarn is destined for eventually unless I see something more exciting.
Blimey it is very very very nice to be able to post something completed again when I haven’t done much knitting recently…

10 thoughts on “No pics for ages, then three come along at once.”

  1. I think that FEFI would look lovely on you. Blackberry is so cool but it looks to be one of those patterns that is better to look at and knit than to wear!
    Your pics are great! I love posts full of pics! They make everything look so cheery!
    Your scarf looks awesome!! I don’t like knitting with Noro either but I love the results when I’m done!

  2. Bless you both 🙂 I have to admit that is one nice FEFI… I keep doing this thing where I plan and want to knit lots and lots and lots of things, but just don’t have the time. Only a couple of months to go though, then I have all the knitting time in the world (apart from work) – yay!
    Anyway, I almost forgot to tell you P what I might have lurking around if you are interested in it – 200g of Rowan Cork in Ivy. I got it as a gift when I joined Rowan’s knitting club a year and a half ago, with a poncho pattern that frankly, nobody could wear ever, and have tried to find a home for it for a long time with no luck. I have to confess it has been knitted up once, but it is back to normal knitting capacity, and in two BIG balls of yarn, but it is soft and quick to knit up. If you want it it’s yours! That sounds awful now – it sounds like I’m trying to pass off my crap on to you, but it is actually very lovely stuff, and a prize worthy of you googling Vic and Bob 😉

  3. aren’t you just the sweetie? I certainly didn’t cheat on google to rob you of your stash :), but if you honestly and truthfully don’t think you’ll ever use it then I’d love to have you pass on your crap. 🙂 DD’s middle name is Ivy (after her yorkshire great grandmother) so it’d be very appropriate. But if you suddenly change your mind and think of something nice to do with it, then I won’t be offended!

  4. Weellll, I’ve seen this done on other blogs, so why not here :p I am trying to remove things from my stash in order to buy things I will use (like more yarn – just accidentally bought some Regia Silk Shine and some Fyberspates alpaca silk blend yarn to make special socks…). I’ve just sold some rampant sock yarn and some Rowan Polar to a mate at work who wants to both learn sock knitting and make a jumper, and she picked the Polar out of the bag and fell in love with it 🙂 I already know I won’t use it even tho it is super cushy, so why make other people lose out if they can use something that is merely taunting me! Anyway, I can now almost fit all my stash in the storage boxes… Almost. Giving you 200g of Cork will help me move that along a little 😀 There is a very good shade card here if you want to see the colour –

  5. Looks like a lovely colour 🙂
    In exchange, would you like the copy of knitscene magazine I ordered the other day? It’s yet to get to me, but I’m already feeling bad that I’m likely to throw it out fairly quickly and you’re a lot better with magazines than me (so much so, you may already have it…). I bought it for number 26 Ribbon Wrap but I could always (whispers) photocopy that page if it takes me a while to get to starting knitting it…

  6. Work expanded right up to closing time of local yarn place, and no pattern yet for me! Though might wait a little now till I get some stuff out of the way (alas more work, not exciting knitting) before having a look around… hate to be dull, but meanwhile looking at your handwarmers actually makes me feel warmer!
    The other one (still in a library)

  7. That sock looks so comfy cozy it’s ridiculous. Especially since my feet are frozen it’s so cold here, and I have shoes on! I love pictures so keep posting them. I swear I need to learn the sock on 2 circ method.

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