Well, some of the more observant of you will have noticed a blip in the world of Library Girl blogging. I disappeared for a little while. This is because of an accident. DB pays for the hosting of this little miniscule spot on the web. DB also gets emails from the host company on a regular basis about boring things that he doesn’t care about. Several of these emails were about how they wanted to change the payment method of my account from annually to monthly, and that if he didn’t reply they’d go ahead and do it, or close the account or something. So what happens? He doesn’t read them. The next thing we know, there is an error message on my homepage saying that the page isn’t working because my account has been suspended. I pointed this out to DB, who said ‘Oh. That’s strange’. He then started reading some emails, and found out that they’d come to the conclusion that he wasn’t paying up, so he mailed them, with money and lots of hugs, and here I am again.
There. After that little bit of not very much excitement and not very much loveliness, here is some small excitement, and lots of loveliness, with a bit more belly ache thrown in. Yup, I’ve got rid of most of the head ache poo, but the belly came back tonight while I was walking round the supermarket after work, and has only just gone. A mild attack time wise, but one of those crappy ones that gives you lots of acid in the gullet and the feeling that you are going to spew across the room. So forgive me if there are crumbs here – just brush them on the floor. It is only my evening meal of wheat-free super low fat crispbread thingies (for those who are interested, they are super tasty and made by Dietary Specials. The initial taste is a bit salty fishy, but nice in a savoury way), with Philly light and low fat brie on. Yes, I like cheese. I liked bread till my body decided to hate it (I’d take french stick with cheese over the best choccy and cakey things ever any day). It better not start to hate cheese too or I’ll cry. Especially very very mature cheddar (ooo! We got some Davidstow today which probably wouldn’t do bad things to me – wonder if I can manage a small glass of red wine? Apparently it helps break down cheese, so I could have a little to make sure I don’t have a lot of food in me before I sleep). And I’m watching Sleepless in Seattle for the first time. Not totally enamoured, but good to eat and wear pyjamas to.
Anyway, I’ll stop moaning now. Here are three lovely things in one pic. Firstly, the fire has been fixed and the lounge is now warm and cheaply heated. Second of all it has an Elfine which is finished other than weaving in of ends. Thirdly it has a Hello Kitty slipper sock in the picture, which is just ace.

Here is more sockiness from the side. This is the most accurate photo so far for colour, and you can see the stitch pattern in a rather flattering way.

Lovely sock, even if it seemed to take a while to knit it (thanks to silly first time attempts at figure 8 cast on, illness, and having to knit back because I hadn’t paid attention). But really it is quite quick, because each repeat is about an inch and a bit so it grows significantly with repeat. Woot!
Finally, here is what this post is really all about…

This is the yarn I collected from the postie on Monday. I am in love. The colour is quite wrong on here – there is not nearly so much blue in it as this, but that is the size of the ball I wound up the other night 😀 It is definitely more red and purple than this too. It is destined to be knit up in a tube until I know how to make shoulders for a little vesty thing. My secret pal is the best. I can’t wait to find out who she is and where she is blogging 😀 Thank you very very very very very much pal – you are ace.
Anyway, I need some liquid (non-wine) refreshment and a couple more crispbreads otherwise I’ll wake up with a hungry tum in the middle of the night. Hungry is as bad as belly ache and we can’t be having that 😉

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  1. Yeah!!!
    Glad your current SP is doing you well! 🙂 It’s how it’s S’posed to be!!!
    Great sock too!
    Cheers from China!

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