Not much to show so far with this weekend knitting wise. I’ve been too busy – my brother met me after work yesterday and stopped over last night, then this afternoon I’ve been working on the dissertation after some mild drunken panic before I went to sleep last night. Tomorrow we are expecting DB’s parents to visit, and my friend Sue and her boyfriend are popping over for half an hour while they are in the area so that they can work out what to do with my garden (don’t ask – it is a swap. We did something to help them out, so her bloke, who is a pro gardener, offered to fix our mess out the back).
Anyway, for the sake of being able to do something in the way of knitting related, and fun to boot, here are my answers to the meme I missed till the lovely Necia (who is knitting Starsky and needs some love her way to encourage her to knit more of it NOW 😉 ) tagged me for it.
4 jobs I’ve had:
Avon lady
Bar staff
Waitress in a cafe owned by a known peodo when I was 14. Luckily they sacked me after the first day (his wife hated me – she thought I wasn’t checking the food stand, but I was just too efficient for her and looked out the side of my eyes so she didn’t notice)
Saturday assistant in the public library. The public users of libraries are really really dirty. They wee on books, leave fleas in them and the chairs, and smell. Well, maybe only some of them.
4 films I can watch over and over:
Goldfinger – what more can I say? The Connory Bond films rock.
My Neighbour Totoro – just wonderful. I notice new details everytime I watch.
How to Marry a Millionaire – too funny and cute for words, and one of my fave Mazza films.
Breakfast at Tiffanys – makes me cry every single time without fail.
4 tv shows I love to watch:
Desperate Housewives – series two is only just getting as good as the first, but still unmissable
Lost – hurry up and show the second series over here will you c4?
Friends – my comfort tv for when I need to have the security and knowledge that I know how it all ends, and will laugh it up on the journey.
Family Guy – I almost put the Simpsons, but I’ve watched this less so probably enjoy it more at the moment.
4 places I’ve lived:
Huddersfield again (I’ve lived in different areas – does that count?)
4 places I’ve been on holiday:
This is pretty limited 🙁
Minneapolis (while DB was at a conference there, I played :D)
Northern Ireland by boat (during the troubles, but what I remember of it was wonderful – I never felt in danger at all. I also got in the local paper for having a birthday while I was there. Must have been a slow day needing a good family story…)
Amsterdam with my mum and a single parents club on one of those mad overnight boat, day in city, come back overnight trips. It was grim – we went to the seediest areas (red light district with your mum when you are 13 anyone? No, I didn’t want to either) possible, with no culture or beauty spots at all. I’ve been put off ever since. Sorry guys 🙁
4 websites I visit daily:
my hotmail account
My secret pal’s site just to see if she’s got anywhere with her goodies…
4 fave yarns:
I think I’ve had a limited yarn usage life, despite the huge stash, but…
Debbie Bliss cashmerino anything – lovely to knit with, and relatively good at not pilling too much
Rowan Kid Silk Haze – a pig to knit with, but gorgeous to the touch
Noro Silk Garden – see above (post blocking)
Patons Washed Haze – yummy scrummy to the touch, and cheap too
4 websites I’m tagging:
I don’t think I dare tag anyone at the mo – I think most people have done it, and those who haven’t don’t want to 😀 But I’d like to wave a flag with a big pointy finger on it at Petulant, Leah at Use Your Hands, Roo at Rooknits, and a mystery person (cos I can’t think of a 4th person 😉 )
Ok, time to go and fart about a bit.

2 thoughts on “Tagged!”

  1. Thanks for responding to this thing. I can’t believe it’s circulating around again. Um did you ever rip your Angelica sleeves back? I’ve made great accomplishments on Starsky this weekend, thanks for the encouragement. Ok time for me to go fart around a bit too.

  2. OK, pointy finger taken!! 🙂 I’ll get to it soon!
    I LOVE that you listed totoro! It’s one of my faves too! Did you see the totoro hat on craftster? Too cute & so easy to make!

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