A veeery quick post to welcome a new blogger into the world!

My mate Cath, a relative newbie to knitting has just discovered the world of blogging, and her opener? The Jayne Cobb hat 😀 She’s a v brave girly to do a hat, having only done things with no shaping so far, and she did even better considering I gave her a tutorial over the phone this evening for how to pick up sts. You wouldn’t believe how poorly I described it to her, but her pic shows that the jobs a good’en. Yay Cath! Go and see her and encourage her to make lots more things 😀 And she might tell you about when she was on telly… She’ll kill me for saying that 😉

2 thoughts on “A veeery quick post to welcome a new blogger into the world!”

  1. Hmm, but how to kill you is the question??? Hehe
    Only kidding missus! Thankyou for pimping me so blatently on here…Now many more people can come and look at my shockingly bad creations 😛

  2. Hi There,
    Just wanted to say hey to my old twin, and let you know I’m still here checking up on ya. I did go and say hi to Cath too.

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