Another attempt at writing a really long page

Well, I had spent some time writing a very lovely page full of pictures, but crappy IE closed it at the same time as me closing the picture upload page, and now I am miserable. So here is a very poor attempt to recreate it quickly, seeing as I already spent close to half an hour writing it.
Firstly, I want to say that you are all very cool for submitting so many lovely comments and advice to Cath’s blog. She seems to be supermotivated in posting, but less so in revising, which is kind of a good sign 😉 And I didn’t even make you post to her ;D
Secondly, I posted about a visit Sue made the other week. She’s made me a fantastic jumper, but it is currently being washed, so you will have to wait to see it. We did some yarn dyeing with some Kool Aid and Opal yarn I got from the K&CG (I’ve already used the first hank just playing with the colours, and got a result that I will call Crayon, for reasons you might discover in the future!), and here is what we came up with. Sue picked the colours – Lemon Lime, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and Changing Cherry.

The colours aren’t as glary as they are in the hank piccie, and are sometimes more subtle than in the swatch pic, but you get the idea (the light in here never lets me get an accurate picture 🙁 ). I love it, and need a good pattern to use to knit it up – either Pomotamous, or one of the Amelia Raitte patterns. Suggestions are welcome!
Next up, a pic of THE sock. I’ve had to frog and re knit several times, purely because sizing has been difficult. The yarn is RYC Cashcotton 4 ply, which may prove to be terrible sock yarn, but for demo and practice purposes is fantastic, and it was on cheap.

The stitch definition, as you can see, is good, and the yarn produces soft, cosy and comfortable fabric, while maintaining a firmness that you need for socks and this pattern. I’ll have to let you know how it wears, but I hope it stays as good as it is now! But I suppose the fact that it has already been frogged a few times and doesn’t really look any worse for it bodes well. And I wasn’t even too put off when Amelia Raitte had her argyle pattern published in Magknits – hers is different to mine, so I’m glad of that, but I know that my skills and techniques aren’t exactly up to her level, and that made me balk a little at continuing. But, I threw that off and became more determined to do it! So, what I need now is some feedback. Looking at the pics as they are now, would you think of knitting these? Is the argyle patterning of a quality to interest you? It isn’t as if I’d charge for this, but I don’t want to leave anything to chance if I end up posting it! Honest thoughts are welcomed – if you can see something that looks wonky or nasty in the pattern design, please say! I admit that it currently looks a bit squishy, and I think I need an extra row in the middle of the knit diamonds to make the widest point more obvious, but that kind of change is negligable, especially compared to the ones I though I might need to make for the width sizing… I’ll try adding that extra row on the leg to compare results and avoid reknitting the foot a 5th time, seeing as it won’t make any difference to the way the foot is knit up in terms of sizing the length.
Anyway, that’s another half hour where I haven’t had breakfast, showered, and started coding again yet. I have lots of pics from a walk I took yesterday while it was still good weather, but they will wait till a day when I have not much knitting to show 😉 I like posting piccies 😀 And I’d rather save the time I’ll have free later for knitting some more goodies up, like the Vogue Knitting Astrakhan cardi (which is knitting up rather speedily and I might even have some to show you this week).

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  1. I think i have just fallen in love with the yarn you dyed! The colours are gorgeous and look just right together in the swatch you knitted!

  2. That wool looks so good! It would be so fun to use!
    The socks look cool too. If you want a guinea pig to try out the pattern, give me a shout, I love knitting socks 😀

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