Why am I doing this again?

Blimey, there have been a glut of posts on here the past few days. The coding is complete (for now – I still need to check for more responses and revise what I’ve coded). I swear if I ever see another incorrect spelling (and we are talking really basic stuff here. I dare not demonstrate it for fear of breaking the rules, but trust me on this one!) or inappropriate use of apostrophes, I will scream. I will scream so loudly you guys across the water will hear me. Then I’ll get stabby. Do they still teach grammar in school? Probably not, given my memories, but still, these are university students, and not all 102 of them can claim that they have dyslexia or similar! Appalling. No wonder the world is coming to an end and the chavs are taking over. BlueADT – this is the group of people who are supposed to save us from those people who complained about your dogs (and the link you had up too)!
Ok, now I’m getting too bitter, but you would too if you had spent a good 36 hours looking at the same thing over and over again over the weekend – that’s enough to make anyone go potty. But now I get to knit/slob the afternoon away! Yay!

11 thoughts on “Why am I doing this again?”

  1. I hate misplaced apostrophes. Yay to the being finished though, and yay to the knitting!

  2. nah, they didn’t teach grammar when I was in school… and I don’t think it’s got better in the last 20 years. Even the BBC doesn’t always get apostrophes right these days… 1990’s is my pet peeve 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear there will be knitting now!! Oh & pop over to my blog when you get a chance….. 😉

  4. Oh you poor lamb – coding is not fun. What is your dissertation on? (Sorry having a quick squiz on the Internet before the man kicks me off and just after the little chicks have gone to bed so I am not being observant as I am being harrassed), you need to treat yourself – it is the only survivable way to manage a dissertation (lots of little yarn stops and it MUST be yarn of choice). Good luck from another knitting librarian!

  5. My pet peeve is people who say “I’ll send you an invite” – grrrr!!! – drives me mad!!!!!!!!!! – to invite is a verb you morons – what you’re sending me is an invitation – being an editor I’m quite hot on this kind of stuff but even I get pulled up sometimes by my husband who trained as a librarian – no he is REALLY pedantic!!

  6. I’m sooo glad it isn’t just me 😀 I bet you are all going to be super careful now about how you post comments 😉 I know I have!

  7. Blue – that post that you wrote where you linked to that woman who’d had problems walking her dog and got a tad cheesed off (I may have got confused, but I think I remember you posting about a similar problem that you’d had walking them in a park, where someone went a bit barmy thinking they were a threat? That could have been someone else, but that’s the kind of person I’m talking about!)

  8. I follow you now. I didn’t have a problem with my dogs or someone else having a problem with my dogs. I nearly got beaten up by an idiot who didn’t like me politely requesting that they move their car out of the way so that I could exit a car park – they’d parked across the exit & were blocking me in but waiting for the space I’d just pulled out of.
    Total idiot without a brain & no control on his anger!
    Had another one yesterday. Someone undertook me doing over 60 mph in a 40 mph zone. I beaped the horn, so he slowed right down trying to scare me. I had my 10 yr daughter in the car so didn’t turn off towards home but stayed going straight on. They turned off but gestured very rudely first & shouted abuse. I wish my DD hadn’t seen it.

  9. People are so rude now! I’m sorry you had so many run ins like that 🙁 My brother and I keep saying that people are just, frankly, shit, but it is people like you and many many other bloggers that give me some hope…

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