Mmmmmmmmm lace.

Well, after reading Leah’s comment on Cath’s blog about a lace knitalong, I decided to join in. I have piles of lace weight yarn to use up, including lots of Kidsilk Haze leftover from projects, some Kaalund Yarns Expressions, and that lovely stuff I got from the Knitting and Crochet Guild, plus a few patterns. I haven’t decided which pattern to use, but I’m currently considering the Rowan River shawl, Eunny’s Print O’ the Wave, the Baltic Sea Stole, and I just this very morning purchased Heartstring’s Lead or Follow scarf pattern (my very first US paypal payment 😀 I’m so impressed I can finally buy in the States!). I am deeply in love with the last 3, and the first would be a good way to use some of the KSH. Would KSH work for any of the others? It might be a bit fluffy/scary/slippy for some of them, especially considering that my needles aren’t really all that sharp pointed, and I don’t have a shop that sells good ones. I’d have to buy online, without being able to check them, which could be expensive if they don’t do the job properly when they arrive… Besides, I may yet despise the scarf knitting! I am drawn to it though, for the technical aspect, and for the opportunity of using that lightweight yarn, so the knitalong is a good way to discover whether my K&CG stuff is destined for scarves or for a veeery fine knit jumper.
DB ordered some t-shirts for us today from I really wanted the girly sizes to just do one size bigger, but I’ve heard they are on the small size anyway, and while my t-shirts match the girly XL, most of them are forgivingly stretchy, and don’t have waist shaping to the degree that threadless has. So I had to go for the guy L. What a bummer. But the images on them are worth it 😀 Thank goodness for DB and his yearly clothes shopping binges. I’ve asked him to get me Water, Moby and Mourning Girl (for the bit of punk/grunge in me that is restrained by library work wear). The UK really needs sites like this 😀
Ok, that’s it for now. I need to do the last batch of coding, and I want to finish by lunchtime, for an afternoon of laziness, Deal or No Deal, and swatching/sock knitting. Now that Yahaira has demanded the pattern, I have to complete it 😉 And it would be nice to turn the heel today if I can, so that I can start writing a draft for Leah to test/scrutinise/completely pull apart. Woohoo!

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  1. I would suggest the Birch shawl – it was sooooo easy to do and the Kidsilk Haze knit up really easily – I started it on metal needles and it was a bit tight so I moved over to some bamboo ones I got int he wool shop in Hebden Bridge and they were better – it was actually one of the easier things I have knitted – the yarn is just divine!!

  2. Hmmmmmm 🙂 I like the patterning on Birch, but I’m not good with that shape of shawl (you saw how much of a short arse I was – I was wearing quite chunky soled shoes then, but I’m 5’3″ and rather rotund for those who don’t know!). I just look silly in them 🙁 I wonder if I could use the pattern with a border to make something straight? 🙂

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