Cath and I went to Texere today and bought things. We were mostly good. Mostly. That is probably appalling grammar, but I like it for its Aliens/South Park memories 😉 Cath bought yummy alpaca stuff on cones, and is, I believe, now converted to the joy of knitting with alpaca yarn. She also got some very squishy cushy pencil roving to dye and knit up into a scarf, and some merino yarn to make a scarf from (with some ribbon/fibre packs in greeny colours to weave in to make it pretty). She probably got something else too, but I forget what… I got some merino and stuffing to make the bunny pattern in LMKG, 2 cones of 4 ply and one of 2 ply Lambswool, some needles and a corsage kit. And I knit socks on the bus each way, which makes me a good girl. I’m about 15 rows from turning the heel on the 2nd argyle sock. Apparently this is very good thing, given the interest in the sock pattern so far – woohoo! Before it is published, I want to make it prettier (the pattern), and finish it (the sock).
Then tomorrow, I go with a friend to Manchester Art Gallery to see the Miffy exhibition. How cool is that?! 😀 We’ve been planning it for ages, so we are both a tad giddy. Then we’ll have sushi in Selfridges at Yo Sushi, and may shop a little (most likely Primark given my spending the past few days). And knit on the train (if she’ll let me).
Then, on Thursday it is my 29th birthday. It is a bit scary – but only because it signifies that I am older after a pretty crappy year, with not much positive to show for it. But things will move on and change if I prod them a bit. I’ve been told that your 30s are better than your 20s. When you hit your 20s, you are suddenly expected to be grown up, plan, become something. I don’t believe you can do that unless you know where to grow, how to plan, what you want to become, and that even if you do know, it takes lots of time to get there. Hence, my 20s have been spent hunting for what I want, and I’m only just reaching a point where I can make a few plans to add to the ones I made a few years ago. I think it will take quite a while longer for me to be settled, but that’s ok. And I’ll never grow up – just mature. I’m still 18 in my head, with a bit more knowledge, and a little more confidence. When I get to my 30s, those will hopefully be a little more substantial, if nothing else is. And I’ll have knitted more things than I have now too. And read more good books. And listened to/seen funky music. Your 30s seem to have less implication for what you should be doing/aiming for, and more the assumption that you have got to that point, so less questions are asked… Ooooh, I hope less questions are asked, as the answers, if I choose to answer, might be the wrong ones! 😉
Speaking of music, how cool is Bernard Hermann? I love his style – you can sense and visualise everything in it, regardless of whether you know the source or inspiration. Where did that come from? A programme on telly about architecture and architectural advances (and a bit of town planning – sounds boring, but apparently this one guy thought it would be a good idea to have buildings shaped to represent what went on in them, including a phallus shaped brothel…), using a ton of fabby soundtracks (The Shining, lots of Bond stuff, The Terminator, etc etc etc).
I’m waffling. I’ll go hide in a corner now.

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  1. Have a great time at the Miffy exhibition (I saw it advertised in Manchester on Sunday, must find time to go soon) and have a great birthday! I haven’t found 29 to be too bad so far…. however it has only been 5 days… so I can’t really comment yet :0)

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