Birthday fun (very picture heavy!)

Handmade birthday cards.


Bagpuss talking clock.

bagpuss clock.jpg

Cool books.
cool books.jpg
Edward Monkton mug front…
mug front.jpg
And back.
mug back.jpg
Miffy goodies – a very cute cuddly Miff…
And the best bag in the world 🙂
miffy bag.jpg
I had a wonderful day full of nothing much, Champagne breakfast (and dinner :D). Lovely.

7 thoughts on “Birthday fun (very picture heavy!)”

  1. ooops, I’m a bit late 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (nice pressies)
    The 30s are definitely different. Less bothering about people who you don’t care about, I reckon. But sometimes some major changes BECAUSE of the people you care about.
    The big one for me was realising that you still have AT LEAST 30 years of working ahead of you so there’s absolutely no point in stressing about achieving too much yet 🙂

  2. I’m very jealous of the bag! That card is excellent too. Glad you had a lovely day… any piccies of the finished sock?

  3. What a great haul!! I will have a semi-pressie on the way to you in moments *hint- my camera batteries are charged & there is tons of natural light today*

  4. Oops. Completely forgot to say Happy Birthday, despite your not-very-subtle MSN reminders!
    Hope it went well – Though it still annoys me that I’m closer to 30 than you. Bugger. 🙂

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