Just checking in…

Not much to show or say right now I’m afraid. It was DB’s birthday yesterday, so I spent the week preparing before the celebrations, answering emails. The only knitting I’ve done is stuff that doesn’t currently leave much to look at I’m afraid. I’ve got all of 6 rows of Lead or Follow done for the Amazing Lace KAL, have just started the heel for the first sock I said I’d make for a colleague, and have frogged the beginnings of Pomotamous socks twice because I wasn’t paying enough attention and missed rows out. Duh. I have made progress on the Astrakhan cardi tho… I’m halfway through the second sleeve, and am beginning to think that I won’t bother with a collar, or at least not in cashmerino aran anyway. I’ve got a busy week ahead too, which doesn’t make it look too good for knitting – a Harvey Nichols cardholders’ night (ooooh dear, I see a spending spree ahead), a meal, a haircut (the first I’ve had since Christmas – whoopsy), and then on Friday, I go off to visit Sue and have a bit of a reunion for the weekend, which may involve some knitting escapades, but not too many as not all of us are crafters. We may knit while England play though 😀

My mind has been dragged away from current knitting by two things – the arrival of Mason Dixon Knitting from Amazon this week, and watching Lost 😀 Oooooh both are fabby! And I’m also mildly playing along with the Lost ARG. Ooops! Mason Dixon has totally inspired me (and made me cheer when I saw that they list Texere and Up Country on their suppliers page – hoorah!). I’m thinking of different yarns in my stash that might go towards a lovely Moderne Log Cabin blanket, but I certainly am not allowed to start it until I’ve finished some other things. Blimey it would be a good stash busting exercise though… Yum. And I can use the inspiration – I was inspired to also order Barbara Walker’s first two pattern treasuries via ILL at work. The British Library only have these two listed on their catalogue, but I’m hoping that I can get the other two from other libraries. Hopefully they won’t take too long to arrive, because after all I’ve read and seen about them online, I could do with their help in getting some other sock designs going… The argyle type one has had 90 downloads since I put it up, which is rather cool 😀

Sooo, for what is left of the weekend, I’ll be baking choc chip ginger biscuits for work, perhaps doing some more Kool Aid dyeing (but that might wait till tomorrow), and hopefully finishing the sleeve and blocking. A tad ambitious, but with Poseidon Adventure showing on Channel 5, I think the knitting potential is high 😉

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  1. Hey There,
    Stupid bloglines hasn’t been updating properly on my end. I’m so sorry I missed your bday. Happy belated birthday chica. It seems that knitting has slowed way down for me too, but all isn’t lost. There’s nothing but time, hahahhaha. I’m currently working pomatamus too. I’ve fugged up a coupla times, but I said the first chart repeat, which is only the cuff, can have some mistakes. I better straighten my act out by the 2nd and 3rd repeats. Anyway it’s good hearing from you!

  2. Necia – I’ve frogged the bastards about 4 times altogether now, and I dropped a stitch around the yo bit and had to fudge the pick up :/ But I finally feel like I’m doing something right with them. We shall see when I pick them up tonight.
    Blue – ILL supplied the first volume last week, so I’ll be assessing it for purchase till the start of July 😉 I’ll keep an eye open when I next go and make sure I save some cash for them!

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