Just a little something I did this morning…

Also known as ‘apologies to Roo for not being quick enough’. I rushed the post off yesterday because I was about to set off for a curry 🙂 Sorry Roo 😀

Before I start, I would like to say thanks for all the birthday wishes 🙂 You are all lovely people and deserve lots of choccy/wine/whatever your vice or desire happens to be at this precise moment in time.

Anyway, here we are. The argyle socks are done, after at least 5 attempts at knitting them, in 3 different yarns, but only a couple of minor revisions for the pattern. Leah has finished a sock and has given it her seal of approval, so go look at her beautiful yarn, and see some sexy sock/yarn/foot action 😀 She also kisses my arse quite a bit in the post, so gains extra Brownie points for that 😉 But really you are waiting for some pics…

As usual I had great difficulty capturing the colour and the stitches properly together, so I had to do some playing in Photoshop, but hopefully you can see well enough to be able to tell whether you like them and want to knit them…

argyle final 1b.jpg

argyle final 2.jpg

argyle final 31.jpg

argyle np detail1.jpg

Specs: I used Hand Jive Yarns Nature’s Palette in Indian Paintbrush. Lovely lovely yarn 🙂 Roo has been very trusting of my review and ordered some from Pure Knits, so I can’t wait to see what she thinks of it and how she gets on knitting it up. Roo – when it arrives, you have to update me! The pattern is reasonably easy to adapt for foot length and personal taste, but requires a little maths to alter widthwise (I recommend going up a needle size first, then adding 4 stitches to the sole of the sock to make it 64 instead of 60 sts).

The pattern is available as a PDF here: Fair Isle Free Argyle Socks.pdf, but is also listed in the right-hand toolbar under ‘Free patterns’ for latecomers. If you have any problems downloading/opening the pattern, queries about the instructions, or anything like that, you can email me at bryonyramsden AT hotmail DOT com. Make sure you make the header obviously about the pattern otherwise I’ll miss it in my junkmail folder.

10 thoughts on “Just a little something I did this morning…”

  1. Thanks Bry! The postie knocked on the door with a little parcel for me this morning… it is de-li-cious yarn (if that is possible). I can’t wait to get started on the socks!

  2. What’s not to love? Maybe I gushed a little but I really love knitting these! 🙂
    -No folks she isn’t paying me for my admiration, it’s just that good!!

  3. The socks are ace! I’m definitely going to be knitting the pattern up once i master the art of socks

  4. oh no! Im late to the party as usual! Ive been out of town for days and missed your bday AND your socks! they look great and Im so happy you love the sock yarn.

  5. Hi, I love that pattern! – in fact I am starting it today on a pair of cotton socks. I’ll give you updates as I go, if you want. Thanks for posting it for free!

  6. Hi
    I am looking for a pattern for knee high argyle socks with turn down top to wear with highland dress anyone know where i would get this

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