Honest opinions needed urgently

I’m getting a sweat on, and I’m a little scared. I’ve been wondering what to make for my One Skein pal for a while – I want to make it something that they will use, wear, and hopefully love. I figured a scarf, while a bit obvious, is a good place to start, but make it special. First I thought of scribble lace, but that isn’t really OS. Then I figured I’d use my new skills with crochet to make something I’ve loved looking at for ages – a gorgeous scarf in silk mohair in a Rowan magazine, but try out my Habu Mohair Silk Kusa, but I’m not sure if it will work. Not because of the yarn or the pattern, but purely because my skills aren’t really very good 😉
So please take a look at this and tell me whether, with blocking and a few more squares stuck together, I can make a nice light, gifty scarf. Also, with it being squares is it best to block them individually and pin them out before sewing together?
BTW, the yarn is just gorgeous…
rowan block.jpg

5 thoughts on “Honest opinions needed urgently”

  1. That looks gorgeous – I can really imagine this being something lovely and lacy and floaty when its finished

  2. I love the idea of the lacey granny square! I’m not sure if blocking together or apart is better though. Maybe together so if your gauge is a bit off from sq. to sq. you can block a little or a lot depending.

  3. I think that looks divine – just exquisite. I can’t crochet for toffee and keep thinking I would like to learn – now I NEED to learn, the colour and dainty pattern are perfection.

  4. it is beautiful ! i just love granny squares in mohair yarn -although you’re obviouly more talented than me for them, (i tried a couple times but never achieved anything like yours !!)
    it would certainly make a real cute scarf, (with maybe a neat little edging all around..?) ..but can’t help much about the blocking: I’m so not a tech person…!! ;-P

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