Amazing Lace Challenge 3, plus a little elaboration

A haiku on Lead or Follow

Knitting lace is hard
With Lead or Follow I should
Follow, but I’m lost…

Well, not as bad as that, but blimey, the yarn is a little more delicate than I’m used to. And it feels a bit strange compared to the fibres I’ve used before (I have no idea what it is incidentally. It was just cheap and there in front of me to buy). It moves slowly at the moment. The heat and commitments with friends means that something requiring this much concentration has taken a back seat too many times.

And so, I present to you, my progress on Lead or Follow, just to qualify the reasoning behind the haiku above (that’s a pencil at the bottom to give you perspective)…

haiku lace.jpg

5 thoughts on “Amazing Lace Challenge 3, plus a little elaboration”

  1. Wow!! I suppose I didn’t realize it would be so dainty! It looks great tho & you just need to get into a “zen” place and the following will be easy!
    I love the haiku but I’m a bit sad to see no cows were mentioned! 😉

  2. I’m sorry – maybe I’ll write another one and milk it a bit 😉 *cue the cymbal*
    I’ve kind of suckered myself into it being so dainty – it is supposed to be on 4.5mm needles and with thicker yarn, but I fancied doing something a little more delicate to go with the stash I have and went to 2mm and finer yarn (ala Eunny’s Print O’ the Wave pattern – you pick the style by changing gauge). Maybe I should go back up again, but yeah, I’ve not had the zen to get too far :/ Soon. Sooooon I will!

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