Amazing Lace Challenge 4

I hope I can get this out ok – our electricity has been going off sporadically all weekend 🙁 So forgive me if I owe you emails etc. Anyway, the latest AL challenge is an interesting one. We have to photograph our lace in ways we might be able to use it as it is now. My knitting funk is ongoing (more on that later), so mine is not progressing quickly, or at all at the moment!

BUT, it does have some use, in ermmm, a special way…

As a tutu for a mouse:
Maisy tutu.jpg

Or a scarf for a phone (although it is a little short for poor little Beryl the phone, but it is summer):
phone scarf.jpg

Or, if I go away and forget to take implements of oral hygiene, maybe I can use it to floss:

6 thoughts on “Amazing Lace Challenge 4”

  1. Hi — just stopping by for a visit during the Amazing Lace Pit Stop — although I had to LOL when I saw the scarf for the cell phone! :)) Great entry — good luck with it in the competition.
    Happy knitting — and see you back at the Race. 🙂

  2. It’s gorgeous (the lace bit). Especially as a tutu!
    What is it going to be when it grows up?
    (I tried to click on Amazing Lace Summer 2006 icon to find out, but no joy. Perhaps I’ll click on *Heart Craftster when I finished this.)
    Advice given me by a professional knitter: “Knitting funks happen to everyone … particularly in hot weather … so don’t worry.”

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