A wasted journey?

Well, I’ve just finished weeding the path to the front door (actually, not finished, more like removed the worst of it till the rest grows up), having got back from the Holmfirth trip. Did I get any needles? No. They had no sock needles at all 🙁 Did I get anything? Maybe… Mum got her yarn, and I got a bit of yarn action myself – 2 balls of DB Baby Cashmerino in a lovely rich dark purple to crochet an Animeko from, and 2 books that I won’t mention in case I jinx my plans. I was sooooo good and restrained. I wanted to buy alpaca, DB Cathay and lots of really bargainous sale yarns, but didn’t. Hoorah!
The lack of sock needles also means that I’m forced to work on other things in progress, which I suppose is a good thing 😉