A double whammy!

Hoorah! Lots of things arrived today!

Here is a pic of the little yarny accident that happened my way 😀


We have:

grey Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair from my One Skein Pal 😀 Hoorah! I already sent her an email, but thank you pal! Next to it is my stash from Knit Picks, the stuff I got through my friend at work, thanks to her sister. I have a big pile of Andean Silk in Olive to make the Glampyre/Stitch Diva pattern, and I got three balls of Panache in Mulled Wine to try while I was ordering stuff. Mmmmmmmmm.

I’ve not used either of the Knit Picks yarns before (the Jo Sharp I have already in a different colour in my stash, intended for a scarf, but this I’ve been debating about – maybe armwarmers?). The Andean Silk is lovely. I figured it would make a good DB Alpaca Silk substitute, but it is quite different (in a good way). It is still lovely and soft, but not to DB standards. Very silky, but also woolly, so it feels like it will be more sturdy and firmer than DB. DB is very good and not pilling, but it also feels like it might blow away sometimes. This stuff feels like it will still make a fabric with drape but maintain shape and be less fluffy, which can only be a good thing with the Glampyre pattern. Some people on Craftster have said that it definitely needs swatching and washing before measuring gauge, so I’ll have to be careful and prepare well…

The Panache is just YUMMY. Dare I say that it is softer than DB cashmerino? It knits up to 12-14 sts ish per 4″, which is perfect for Sue (who I’m sharing it with). I’m a little disappointed in how much there is in the ball – for some reason I thought it was bigger, but clearly that is my fault! Again it is beautifully soft and silky without losing definition, as it has a firmness to it just looking at it – must be the way it is spun. It looks like it might fluff a bit, but being an alpaca blend, it shouldn’t pill. Sue – this isn’t as gorgeous as the Uk Alpaca Silk you got for your late birthday pressie, but for the price (most definitely NOT 9 quid a ball!), it isn’t have delicious, and I think it is comparably soft. And it is chunky 😀 I’m going to knit something up in this and send you the last ball and a half or so. But, WHAT shall I knit?! Some luxury slippersocks? A little Dream Swatch Scarf? I’ll have to have a good think about it, but it will be an excellent quick fix project for tomorrow.

Tomorrow? I have a day of leave, which I’ll use partly for studying, and a little bit for lazing/knitting 😀 Hoorah! What a fab end to a crappy weekend!

4 thoughts on “A double whammy!”

  1. I have been wasting time (not working on my thesis) looking for people who have knitted up sizzle and found the sizing was not correct. I too knitted it up (but i seamed it and grafted the top of the sleeves) only to find out what I had suspected…way too big. I didn’t frog the thing, because the yarn I used wasn’t too expensive and I think it will fit someone I know, but I want one for myself and I guess I have to muster up the strength to give it another go. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

  2. Ohhh, look at all that yarn! I can’t wait to see what you make from it! I hope you have a much better week this week!!

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