Could it be?

A finished project? In a week? Without blogging about it?
Yup 😀
Forgive the unstyled hair (it is a Sunday remember) and the dusty mirror (I cleaned the house yesterday but managed to forget the mirrors again) and the fact that I haven’t blocked it yet. And yeah, I’m rotund and shouldn’t be wearing chunky yarn (especially a chunky yarn that knitted up a little smaller than the planned size, but probably made a better fit for it. I went for the largest size, but it came out more like the medium measurements), but you know what? I like it. I wanted to post it ASAP because I promised Sue a pic a few days ago, before it was even finished. She runs off jumpers like there is no tomorrow, all in chunky yarns, and I sometimes get a bit sad that I end up spending so long on my projects. But then I remember that she is superslim and a babe, and I am still a babe, but not slim at all, and that light yarns suit me much better.
And can I just point this out too?
Just to remind you, this pattern is knit in two separate halves, and grafted together in Kitchener stitch after they are complete. I’m feeling very pleased with myself about this one – can you see where I did it? Cos I can’t quite see the right row where I did it either… Ok, now someone will point out a nasty squishy bit 😀 But that’s ok because I’m extremely happy with my work, and I feel like this is wearable. The Polar version was gorgeous if I do say so myself, but the yarn – evilly pilly. This stuff, Knit Picks Sierra (5.5 hanks of it), hasn’t pilled at all while knitting, sewing or grafting. I’m hoping it might soften a little bit when I wash it, as it is a tiny bit itchy, but I think it will be fine 😀 Hoorah!

9 thoughts on “Could it be?”

  1. That looks fantastic!! You sneak!! 🙂
    I can’t see the second picture of the grafting (tho I’m dying to)!!!

  2. holy mackerel, that looks great! it fits you well, it flatters you, and the grafting! oh the grafting!
    no more of this “rotund and shouldn’t wear chunky knit sweaters,” ok? because neither are true.

  3. It looks great! Don’t believe what they tell you about chunky yarn. People who say that just want to torture you by making you knit entire sweaters on teeny yarn and teeny needles. 😉 Again, looks fantastic! I bet you can’t wait for autumn now!

  4. Wow! Great job! I find it hilarious that you’ve knitted this jumper as it is on my short-term list. I even have the wool to knit it with 😀 The colour is really nice on you… the wool I have got is cream – I would prefer green like your’s but I’ll have to make do! Well done on the grafting too – totally invisible 😉

    All of it is absolutely fabulous! Love the crocheted scarf – wouldn’t know you’d only just started, as for the jumper – beautiful knitting, a stunning colour and looks fab on you – well done!!!!! quite envious really!!!!
    oh and looks much better than it did in the polar! now look forward to you starting some of your db stuff from holmfirth!

  6. Love it! And it looks like it fits perfectly! Glad to hear the positive review of Sierra, too. I was wondering how it is, esp. with pilling.
    This one’s on my to-knit list, too. For, you know, someday……

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