So little to do and so much time. No wait! Scratch that.

I have several confessions to make. These will just be in order of them popping into my head. I will inevitably forget half of what I wanted to say. I apologise in advance for everything ever.

1) I’m still plugging away at the course
2) I’ve nearly finished
3) I have barely any free time
4) The time I do have I can’t face using the computer or doing much else
5) Except for shopping 😉
6) Which I have no time for doing in RL
7) Or money, but at least I am a thrifty shopper and only spend what I feel is a lot when I feel it is justified
8) Like on the boots I just bought. They weren’t the cheapest (but I did try the cheapest on – they hurt my toes), but they are the comfiest
9) I’ve signed up for Sockret Pal
10) And Socktoberfest
11) This is because socks are ace
12) Evidence that socks are ace:


13) I will probably forget to put both sockalong buttons up. Please remind me if I do forget
14) This is the only knitting of value I have done. I have also done all of 4 inches on a scarf. It is a pretty scarf though (see sidebar for which scarf it is)
15) And I’ve done about 10 rows on a Kid Silk Haze glove. Woopdedoo.
16) Yesterday I forgot to talk like a pirate. But we are planning to rename a department for supporting students in the library to Arrrr and Design. Arrrrr.
17) I will not use consistent grammar in this post. Guess what I keep forgetting to keep consistent
18) Next month is not only Socktoberfest, it is my 2nd blogiversary. I’ve not hit 200 posts yet tho.
19) Maybe I’ll do a prize/competition thing and entice some people out of lurking (points at Sue to see if she will participate, even tho she is officially no longer a lurker).
20) I doubt I’m popular enough to do that, even if Dave does sometimes comment on the bandwidth eater that is this blog.
21) I have new pretty things.
22) I forgot to take pics of the stuff that arrived today though.
23) New pretty thing item one – newly dyed 2 ply lambswool from Texere using Kool Aid shades of red and pink (Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Cranberry Raspberry and another I’ve forgotten):


24) It isn’t what I was aiming for – I wanted really deep reds, but I still kind of like it.
25) It took absolutely bloody ages to wind into cakes.
26) New pretty thing item two – Posh Yarns sale goodies in the form of a gorgeous cobweb weight cashmere (50g) in mousey brown:


I HEART it. It makes the Kool Aid 2ply look pants.

27) Super soft, super delicate. See?


28) Another delicate type piccie:


See? MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

29) Did I mention it is soft?
30) I got some yarn to make those tasty herringbone stitch socks from Knitty today – choccy brown and dusky pink.
31) Posh Yarns cashmere is soft.
32) I had a bad week at work last week, and this week it is just silly from new students taking over and drinking free vodka from promotional stands at the entrance to the car park at lunchtime (drunk students + lunch time + car park access = not the best planning). Wish I could have had some tho.
33) Yuck – salmon pink 2 ply instead of red 2 ply? What was I thinking?
34) Oh, I spose it is ok really.
35) Brittany birch dpns for socks aren’t that great. Too flexible – they feel like they will snap or bend and break at any second.
36) They are also too blunt.
37) The last 5 reasons are why I also ordered some new sock needles in Inox bamboo. These are my faves ever. Now I have 1 and 4/5 of a set. Yay!
38) Socks being good and needles and sock yarn is also why I got Vogue Knitting Fall 06 at the same time.
39) Can you blame me?
40) Are you bored of this format yet?
41) I am.

I’ll shut up now. ‘Chut up’ Library Girl for you will be old soon. Sooner if you don’t chut up.

Factoid 1 – in spite of hating to use the computer after studying/working at the mo (you would too after typing up lots of pages of diss after getting behind, then spending about 8 hours importing student records onto our library circulation system), I have just spent half an hour sorting out my pics (which will probably not work seeing as I somehow have named them a strange blend of jpegs and jpgs. Tell me if you can’t see any) and writing this post.

Factoid 2 – I will now get wine and watch a short film (13 (Tzameti) – only 85 mins or so). And I might even knit and plan my socks for next month and all the goodies I will get together for prizes… But you’ll have to work for it if I do 😉

Thanks for being so patient. Normal service will resume in a month. Till then you will have to deal with this kind of bollocks. Ha!

10 thoughts on “So little to do and so much time. No wait! Scratch that.”

  1. Love the socks – they look fab! The pink 2 ply looks cool too…. can you believe people actually drink that Kool-Aid stuff? Looking forward to the competition!

  2. have no clue how you are managing to do both your work and your dissertation, and not at all surprised that you are reverting to the “stream of consciousness” approach to your blog, very postmodern of you! And made me giggle – the “red” yarn is lovely by the way, does it have a project waiting for it?

  3. Nice cobweb cashmere! Great color. I think socks are some the best knitted projects ever!There are probably a lot of reasons for this. The biggest one for me is that I actually wear them when I’m finished so they don’t waste more closet space. Anyways… my point is that I understand why you signed up for Socktoberfest and Sockret Pal. 😀

  4. 1)I acutally kind of enjoyed that format!!
    2)Yes, socks are ace
    3) your pomos are no exception!
    4) I think dusty pink & brown herringbone will be fab
    5) the drunk students + car park thing sounds horrible
    6) I forgot to talk like a pirate as well
    7) but if you do name a wing in your library that I’m coming for a visit
    8) I hope your wine & movie were relaxing!!

  5. Oooooh, those socks are just fabby! Love the colours too.
    I remembered to talk like a pirate but mostly people thought I was a bit strange.

  6. Hi I am another library student knitter from the north (Leeds in my case), so I was delighted to find your blog.
    Having read some of your archives, where is Coldspring Mill? I would love to go there
    I love the cobweb weight cashmere!

  7. Wow – nice pink socks and nice new things! You need to mention the yarn is soft lots – I’m always disappointed when showing off a yarn that feels lovely, because you can’t really show how it feels!

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