The big reveal, and a little pic for good measure

Ok, the time has come to reveal who I was spoiling for the One Skein Secret Pal 🙂 I was gifting to Model Widow, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself 😀 Go see what she got, and the finished blocked version of the crochet scarf. She’s a lovely person, very talented (she makes lace, knits, sews and more!), and she has pics of llamas on her blog. What more do you need?! I’ve not had the reveal from my spoiler yet – she’s emailed me to keep me up to date, and we haven’t quite finished yet, so I’m looking forward to see what she comes up with and who she is and everything 🙂
And just for some obligatory knitting action, here is the newly completed half a pair of Pom socks. The yarn (Lorna’s Laces in Desert Flower) has predictably pooled, but in quite a funky way (I love that the pink bits are two shades of pink, and the blue pooling blue and sand). It’s a little wide on the shaping – I like a tight fitting tight knit sock, and I had to cut the decreases for the toe short (I have small feet, which probably contributes to the love of sock knitting). The second sock is already started, and I have visions of it being completed by the end of the week, inbetween dissertation stuff (5 weeks to go! Gah!). Now that I’ve got past the bits where I keep going wrong, reading it wrong etc etc etc I’ve really enjoying knitting this. The pattern works for my foot so that all I have to do after the heel is one repeat of the pattern and then I do the toe 😀 I like that kind of structure, so that I know where I’m going and how much I have left to do. There will probably be enough yarn for another pair of socks too, albeit with a short ankle, but that’s fine 😀

7 thoughts on “The big reveal, and a little pic for good measure”

  1. Love the socks!! Actually I’m posting because I don’t have your email address (so you might want to delete this comment later). I’m in the Angelica Knitalong and reading old posts I see you were sending out corrections to some people. If you still have those could you send them to me? (I assume this comes to you as an email as well as a blog comment.) Thank you so much!

  2. wow, the scarf looks fantastic really !! And I laughed aloud reading about the card you sent her !!!
    Your socks look cool too… still haven’t got around knitting my first pair !!!

  3. Nice socks! I like that pattern more everytime I see it. I also like that multi-colored yarn works well with the stitch pattern.

  4. *blushes* thank you, but that`s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.
    Love the socks, so cheerful too.
    The scarf is being used already, (I`m sitting under the air conditioning again this week) and has had several comments – it really is a winner.

  5. Wow! I love how the scarf turned out!! OH & that pomo is awesome! That is my next sock project for sure!!!
    Good luck with your dissertation! I know you will rock it! 😉

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