Still here…

But only just :/
I’m on the last week of the dissertation. The last friggin week at loooong last. I have almost finished. Today I made a list of things I need to do to it to make it ready to submit. It is a long list, but mainly of piddling little niggly bits that will probably amount to a few days work. Don’t expect to see much here until I’m done. Not that I’m that prolific a blogger! But just don’t expect my to respond to much until at least the weekend. Blimey. I can almost taste the freedom.
But please note that by the time I’m done on the course, I’ll also be done on a couple of WiPs. Don’t ask how. And I’m already booked in for 3 nights out for the two weeks after I finish, and have been promised a small gifty from someone at work as a congratulatory thing 🙂 I can see I’ll be a busy girl! Almost a shame, because I could do with some time to just sit and melt into the sofa and stare brainlessly at the tv/a trashy novel (or as trashy as I let myself get). And DB is currently having a major sort through some stuff in our box room (which is miraculously free of damp and nasties compared to my needle storing area), which means the rest of the house is a mess till we get some stuff to the charity shops/burn it (DB has been busy being a real man making fire today too).
All this amounts to nothing worth reading – I’m v sorry! There will be pretty pictures (hopefully), and the notorious sick socks are no longer very sicky. I almost like them. Almost.
Must go, I have wine after working the evening shift, and there are supercute white rabbits on Autumnwatch. Awwww 🙂

4 thoughts on “Still here…”

  1. Good Luck with the last bits of the dissertation. I remember the last week of mad panic before my masters dissertation had to be handed in – and I was a full time student! Sending positive vibes your way (I can confirm the northern vibes are on good form too, as my friends in Hebden Bridge had a baby girl this morning, so I’ll just make the vibes head down the valley a bit!)

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