An unexpected update

I went for food intolerance testing today, after a series of nasty bellies and horrid incidents. Good thing I did, or not, however you might look at it. I already had an idea that I was wheat intolerant, but I’m also totally dairy intolerant too. And one more thing. I am tomato intolerant! I didn’t even know that was possible! I have to cut all these things out of my diet for four weeks. If I have no more problems, then yay. If I do, I then have to start chipping away at a list that includes potatoes, prawns, cod, peppers, cucumber, olive oil and non-herbal tea. Trust me, there are more. There is a lovely lady at work who has all kinds of foody problems, as do her children, and she introduced me to a website that sells a sauce called Nomato, which is tomato free, but also costs £2.09 a jar. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, as I have tomato on my (wheat free) pasta, salad, ketchup, stir fry sauces and I’m sure I have it without realising in all kinds of ready made foods and sauces. If anyone has any lovely low fat tomato, wheat, dairy and meat free recipes, then please please tell me! I’m going to try and whip up a dairy free pesto sometime this week (possibly tonight), but I suspect that and Nomato might get a bit boring…

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  1. interesting – someone close to me is gluten intolerant, and when we’re together i usuall eat gluten free too… and i feel much better when i do. as many as 1 in 8 people are gluten intolerant without even knowing it!. but tomato intolerance is one i’ve never heard of – is it the acidity?
    i can’t eliminate too many more foods from my diet for food allergies or intolerances though, or i’ll be left eating white rice with a side of more rice…

  2. Apparently, because tomatoes are are part of the nightshade family and there is a lot of nastiness in there, they can be a bit dodgy :/ They are in a group of high level salicylates, which can do things like trigger asthma (wine is a high level salicylate too, and I have been wheezy after drinking some red wine), so maybe I’ll see my lungs get better when I get colds or have a triggered attacked…
    It is true about the gluten thing tho. Humans aren’t really built to eat grains – we developed the trick ourselves. But then, we aren’t built to be veggies or a few other things that we scoff/don’t scoff. And as I’ve heard many a time, cow’s milk is for baby cows, not people. Bread and yeast are terrible for doing nasty things to you, and as they are often really excessively processed/in excessively processed things, they can’t do much good for you in the long term. Gluten free pasta – you don’t know the difference. Gluten free bread? Pure evil 😉 Try not to eat it for fun… Gluten free sweets/choccy etc – ACE. Especially Kallo dark choccy rice cakes… MMMMmm mmm.
    Thanks guys 🙂 You are too kind!

  3. Gosh, I’ll have to check my recipes to see if I have anything that can help you. Dealing with childern with Autism I do a lot of wheat free, gluten free stuff.
    You are right about all the things we really arent’ supposed to eat. They are usually the tastiest!! 😉

  4. i like a lot of gluten free cereals and cookies (biscuits in the UK?) – i’m a little leery of gluten free cakes, but am willing to try them because i LOVE cake.
    i could never go vegan because i’m a cheese freak. love love love cheese. but i can’t eat aged cheeses like stilton, roquefort, bleu, or sharp cheddars. or red wines and dark chocolates. they give me migraines. i also just can’t sleep if i drink red wines except for beaujolais.
    hopefully this will take care of the bellies and uckiness the first time around!

  5. Oh dear!
    My kids are both dairy-intolerant so I have collected quite a collection of suitable recipe books.
    I would recommend “Moosewood Cooks At Home” as it tells you which recipes are non-dairy in the index at the back and gives lots of ideas for substitutes. Lots to make in 20 minutes!
    No tomato – that is tough! Funnily enough my daughter sometimes gets puffy lips from tomatoes and strawberries, and she won’t even TOUCH aubergine.
    Hope you get it all sorted out!

  6. I have friends with nightshade allergies, gluten, wheat etc — one is allergic ONLY to dairy from a cow – but goats, sheep and buffalo are all A-OK!!! (Which made her only need to slightly alter her cheese addiction!!)
    Lemme see if I have any good recipes for you!!
    Cheers from NYC!!

  7. Check out the following website:
    I’m not gluten intolerant and I still love her blog. Great recipes and wonderful writing style.
    Good luck. I am not “allergic” per say to sugar, but have found that I can no longer really tolerate it…makes me all shakey and ill feeling. Not worth eating it…

  8. Poor you! Tomato intolerance is actually quite common. I hvae no tips for food but I’ve often wanted to have food intolerance testing – where did you have it done and how much did it cost?

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